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Multiple Selection Products in Woocommerce

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Asad Aijaz (1 year ago)
hello i saw your video. im having problem in setting custom variable product. want to ask you how will i put prerequisite option using word press my product is chocolate which have 6 flavors Flavor 1, flavor 2, flavor 3, flavor 4, flavor 5, flavor 6 Small box (6 pc) , Medium Box (12 pc), Large box (24 pc), 0.5 kg, 1 kg , 1.5 kg, 2 kg Now if customer clicks on large box i want that customer should have the option to select different pcs, as large box has 24 pc, customer should be able to select different flavor he wants to put in to fill large box 24 pc. e.g. customer selects 24 pc large box and in that 24 pcs he should have option to select different flavors e.g. flavor 1 = 6 pc flavor 2 = 6 pc flavor 5 = 12 pc flavor 6 = 6 pc How can i achieve this?

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