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Best Web Hosting For Wordpress 2018

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Are you looking for the best web hosting for your wordpress website hosting? In this video, I test each of these web hosting providers to bring you accurate hosting results for your wordpress website. Below are the web hosting companies I tested in this video. Some are pretty cheap web hosting companies and others are more pricier! 1. Siteground: https://www.siteground.com/go/60percentdiscount (GET 60% OFF HERE) 2. WP-Engine: http://www.darrelwilson.com/wp-engine 3. DreamHost: http://www.darrelwilson.com/dreamhost 4. GreenGeeks: http://www.darrelwilson.com/greengeeks 5. a2Hosting: http://www.darrelwilson.com/a2 ( Use Code Darrelwp55 for 55% off first purchase! 6. HostGator: http://www.darrelwilson.com/hostgator (use code darrel99 or darrelwp25) 7. BlueHost: http://www.darrelwilson.com/bluehost 8. Webhostingpad: http://www.darrelwilson.com/webhostingpad ( Use code darrel25 to save 25% off entire hosting!) For more tutorials like this or to learn how to make a wordpress website, feel free to visit my website at http://www.darrelwilson.com
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Text Comments (356)
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
Let me know your experiences with your hosting companies!
Keegan Miller (13 days ago)
Do you have any knowledge of ITX Design?
CloutZilla (1 month ago)
GODADDY sucks, so limited in cheap plans.
Markteng.com (3 months ago)
Nice recommendations! THanks
VloggingAtCharlie (3 months ago)
GoDaddy is great!
Abj Liberia (2 days ago)
Great video Darrel but I host all my site at Hostgator
hackzot (2 days ago)
Domitree is the best web hosting for wordpresss i have been using since 3 years thank for your video is very informative
Hey Darrel, great job as always. Whats your thought on TMDhosting?
Darrel Wilson good to know, I’ve been having some issues with them lately. Thanks for the tip.
Darrel Wilson (7 days ago)
i used to use and promote them, but many viewers had issues with them so i switched to siteground hosting
Web hosting (16 days ago)
Cheap hosting here Earn money from affiliate Www.webhostingno1.com please share this site in your all tutorials and get money
WHATSAPP CLIPS (28 days ago)
This is best hosting buyer website. Test this one friends... https://partners.inspedium.com/10083-7-1-43.html
Richard Storm (1 month ago)
I have not watched the video yet but I am about to and I'm hoping you have included arvixe.com on your list...I have been with them for 10+ years now and they go above and beyond every time I need help...Everything is unlimited and it's 10 bucks a month with other perks...:)
Nihad Shillo (1 month ago)
it depends on server location and test location. You must state both location so that we can really compare and choose . But nice experiment plz also do one to test money back guarantee and include tmd hosting.
Muhammad Shahbaz (1 month ago)
I have almost 6 year+ experience in which I have analyzed that the Blue Host is the best for webhosting if you are new and don’t know anything about the best and cheap web hosting providers Here is the Solution the best and cool webhosting service provider is the Bluehost have a look https://www.bluehost.com/track/shahbaz/
Reviewsplus (1 month ago)
Hi friends,the best web hosting i use and i recommend is https://www.bluehost.com/track/reviewsplus/.It includes free domain registration ,free ssl certificat(HTTPS),cheapest prices and it's a fast hosting.
Harold Black (1 month ago)
I have tried many website hosts and for me WP engine and Site Ground belong to the top. Unfortunately I can't afford WP engine anymore but as soon as I can I'll join them again. Last but not least, I think that A2 hosting is also becoming better. More on https://youtu.be/40b510i1Go0
CloutZilla (1 month ago)
can you post the video time intervals for each hosting link.. plz n thx
lenny ruiz (1 month ago)
Can you do a review for whoinc.org ??? just wondering ... thanks
Nabil Mahfoud (1 month ago)
Bro..Whats About FastComet How This Company Work...Thank You Sir
Darrel Wilson (1 month ago)
i havent used it too much so i cant really give you a good answer
Angel 007 (1 month ago)
great video thanks for putting your effort and time to do it :) it helped me a lot :)
Darrel Wilson (1 month ago)
thanks bro
pelle makarna (2 months ago)
Darrel you talk about in one of your videos about wordpress hosting group on facebook I can't find it
Ahmad Maqsood (2 months ago)
Siteground provide only 30 gb shared hosting... Is it enough storage .? Bluehost provide more storage
Ahmad Maqsood (2 months ago)
Darrel Wilson ok. Thank you
Darrel Wilson (2 months ago)
bro those other compaines that lie and say " unlimited " is bs, they limited me all the time, 30 gb is alot for shared hosting
RickLee Johnson (2 months ago)
I got problem with slow wp dashboard and extreme slow loading customizing theme I'm using InmotionHosting (shared Power) and OceanWP theme, any issues you have too or had? any resolutions?
M Sabir (3 months ago)
Hi sir if my site is getting 100k+monthly trafic then ? Which hosting u suggest and which plan?
M Sabir (3 months ago)
Darrel Wilson so if I buy digitalocean? Or ovh vps then?
Darrel Wilson (3 months ago)
i would try wp engine, dont get a shared hosting
Drew Spinoso (3 months ago)
I have GoDaddy and InMotion - Both have good customer service and Inmotion has Cpanel (GD Doesn't) I'm looking into Dream Host thank you!
Drew Spinoso (3 months ago)
I would think it's important to note where you are located! Distance does matter to the hosting company. No?
Darrel Wilson (3 months ago)
not really, i mean how many times can you access a website across the world, its pretty fast. The server specs are the most important part
Mahipal Singh (3 months ago)
hi, can i use wordpress hosting for domain like desirefx.me, it has thousdands of post and images, based on wordpress theme and sql database, thanks in advance
Prabhmeet singh (4 months ago)
What about Fastcomet? And where i can buy affordable woocomerce fast hosting?
Darrel Wilson (4 months ago)
i havent used them yet
HTML5ANDCSS3 (4 months ago)
what's about tmd
This was very helpful. I followed your tutorial for hostgator a year ago and was thinking of changing to siteground. Do you have a tutorial on how to switch from one host to another?
WeBiK w2s (21 hours ago)
Stephanie - The Blooming Yogi I also can help you with migratin' your site!
Darrel Wilson (4 months ago)
The hosting company will help you with this. They can migrate your website to a new host and help with the domain transfer, I use siteground personally
Husni Ahamed (4 months ago)
Best Video Ever!!!!! I really like your honesty keep it up bro, you really helped me out :)
Darrel Wilson (4 months ago)
Thanks bro good luck!
Good luck to you all !!
Darrel Wilson (4 months ago)
good luck!
E-MARKETING HACKS (4 months ago)
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Emanuil Kostadinov (4 months ago)
It is not fair doing some tests on http:// and others on https://. Obviously https:// would be faster with HTTP/2
Afrim Morina (4 months ago)
start a web hosting that is the cheapest and very easy http://hostg.co/44753
humbal shah (4 months ago)
John Hille (4 months ago)
So do you have affiliate discount arrangements with any of these hosting companies that you recommended?
Darrel Wilson (4 months ago)
with some yeah, some others dont give me any discounts
Akwasifm Forson (4 months ago)
checkout this one raahhosting.com best of all..
Seeking Options (4 months ago)
for those who wants to run their own Apps and services, AWS, or the best is digital ocean, simple easy to set, and very reliable. here is 10 Dollar for anyone wants to try it out.. DigitalOcean: Cloud Computing, Simplicity at Scale https://m.do.co/c/04fb8f11026b If you want shared environment not too techy then Bluehost is great.. The Best Web Hosting : http://bit.ly/GetBlueHostAcc
Lucca Betta (5 months ago)
Darrel I had problems sending you a message on your website so I will send it here. I am new to advertising my services and working online. I am an interior designer. My services will include: - Custom Living room design This will include mood boards, floor plan and shopping list. - Digital downloads of prepackaged furniture living room concepts. - Digital Downloads of mini courses on interior decoration. Which website would I need? To start with can I just do all this on Facebook? Can you please advise? I need clarity so I don’t put in so much effort and find it’s the wrong way to go. Thanks Gem
Lucca Betta (5 months ago)
Darrel Wilson ✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️ 😁😁😁 Oki doki, enjoy flying high ✈️
Darrel Wilson (5 months ago)
I have a video on how to get traffic to our website. Search my channel, I can’t link because I’m on an airplane
Erkan Aren (5 months ago)
Thanks for your honest video, it was really helpful. I have been using HostGator for years and it was fine but this year was horrible. One thing to say for Hostgator: get away from it.....It is not the best thing when you wake up and you see that your sites and apps are not working because the server is down when you didn't do any changes in your codes or databases. If it happens once it is understandable. But when it happens like every second day and their support sucksand they don't have anything to say for the issue then it is time to change. Get away from BlueHost too, they are owned by the same hosting company (EIG) and from what I read everyone had the same issues with them. I will choose A2 or SiteGround I think but I didn't decide yet. Thanks again for the video.
Erkan Aren (5 months ago)
Darrel Wilson (5 months ago)
try siteground!
Team Aliasger (5 months ago)
Hi Darrel you're videos are excellent. thank you for all the info and time you put into these. I'm a real estate agent in Canada and looking to create my Wordpress website, do you also offer web design services?
Darrel Wilson (5 months ago)
i might have an IDX tutorial coming soon, and right now i dont offer custom web design services
But I highly dont recommend Hostgator for there bad and rude and long waiting customer service.
Darrel Wilson (5 months ago)
its a hit or miss
Trollo lollo (5 months ago)
Zakładasz lub posiadasz własną firmę/stronę internetową? Potrzebny serwer VPS? A może serwer dedykowany i domena np .pl? Jeżeli domena to polecamy Hosting z wyprzedażą 90% i Certyfikatami SSL za 1 zl Mamy 18 lat doświadczenia, własne centrum danych, wielu zadowolonych klientów, a także łącza od 6 operatorów Gwarantujemy Pomoc techniczną i monitoring 24/7, kopie zapasowe i bezpieczeństwo serwerów przed atakami hakerskimi Bezpieczny Link do oferty = https://goo.gl/ktJpFv Kei.pl
Top 10 - Wild Masters (5 months ago)
thanks for vid but pls how about name.com company can u check it pls
Nexgen Webhost (5 months ago)
Jennifer Herrington (5 months ago)
Thank you so much for sharing your results!
hussein mohsen (6 months ago)
Hi Darrel; I want your opinion about (mochaHost web hosting) It’s very cheap … so that make me afraid from it, I trust your opinion.
hussein mohsen (6 months ago)
I've tried HostGator ... It's very good ... You & most of my friends prefer SiteGround ... But I looking for the cheapest Host Provide: - Unlimited Websites - Renewal Price for life 2.45$ per Month - Unlimited SSD Disk Space - 1 free Domain for Life - Unlimited Free SSL for Life for (all Domains) - Free Cpanel plan for Life So That's why I afraid from it.
Darrel Wilson (6 months ago)
havent used it, lol how do you find these companies
Zenaslucky7 (6 months ago)
how do i get the discount with site ground, when i click on your link or go straight to their site its the same fees?
Erkan Aren (5 months ago)
Are you using SiteGround now? can you share your opinion for them?
Darrel Wilson (6 months ago)
the 60% is offered when you click on the link!
tonsfocus (6 months ago)
Thanks for the thorough review!
Darrel Wilson (6 months ago)
Today News Africa (6 months ago)
Maximilian Bitter (6 months ago)
Thank you
Darrel Wilson (6 months ago)
you are welcome
Elizabeth Taylor (7 months ago)
GetLark is the best hosting solution for WordPress. Very simple installation, simple customer panel, free testing period. https://goo.gl/Q1o5BJ
Jane Smoak (7 months ago)
I recommend that you try GetLark. They allow you to install WordPress very quickly and also help you to move it between hosts for free. For 3 months you can test for free, then only pay 5 USD per month. The package includes free SSL, automatic backup. https://goo.gl/YL4dN3
Mohammad Kalam (7 months ago)
You can try this https://goo.gl/rCfLcf because Hostgator Web hosting made EASY and AFFORDABLE, guarantee to you24/7/365 Support, 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee, 99.9% Up time.
ocubex (7 months ago)
I use A2 Hosting, not bad but not great either.
Dale Markie (1 month ago)
I'm offering £3.99 a month for unlimited hosting, get in contact for more
Erkan Aren (5 months ago)
Why not great? What were the problems you were facing? I am trying to see which hosting company to choose currently. The two choices in my mind are Siteground and A2.
Superhydrophobic Coating (7 months ago)
This kind of comparison is not fair since it is depends a lot things on the tested pages. The most fair comparison will be putting identical website on the similar level hosting plans from different hosting companies, then test the same page from the identical website.
Superhydrophobic Coating (7 months ago)
Don't use Hostgator. They don't provide free SSL which you have to pay extra. I have to pay over $70 annually for 3 domains. Two months ago they didn't send me a renewal notice and all my 3 websites had unsecure warning sign on all browsers, and were down. I let them renew SSL and they charged me twice. The worst thing is that their IT tech even couldn't install SSL correctly. Their IT guys tried for almost one week, but didn't install SSL successfully on my websites. I had to decide to transfer my domains to another hosting company. Totally my websites were down for almost two weeks since transferring domains took another week. I am pretty happy with my current hosting company and enjoying free SSL.
MotoGravity (7 months ago)
great video very helpfull
basilio marcos (7 months ago)
How about fastcomet?
Vince Vega (8 months ago)
Great video. In my opinion Versio is the best. It's cheap, but fast and reliable. Check it out: https://www.versio.uk/?pa=119572kqjyt
Fahad Sharif (8 months ago)
Siteground is not giving free domain!!!!
Fahad Sharif (8 months ago)
Darrel Wilson if i am a noob in everything how can i make a good website free of cost i mean after buying hosting domain. I am asking about templates and most easy way to make a website
Darrel Wilson (8 months ago)
their hosting is good tho
Creative Maja (8 months ago)
what do you think about 1 & 1 ??? I love your video
Darrel Wilson (8 months ago)
they are BAD
Jolanta Piekarska (8 months ago)
Darrel what about cloud-based hostings? Have you tried Hatchling Cloud by Hostgator? With a dedicated server should they beat a competition? thanks.
Darrel Wilson (8 months ago)
cloud hosting is also good, i havent tried that hosting yet, im using the cloud hosting for siteground atm
D Brown (8 months ago)
Darrel, That was very informative and interesting. Thanks for sharing the results of your intensive research project! I now feel more confident about choosing a web hosting company.
Darrel Wilson (8 months ago)
you are welcome!
Kevin Bridges (8 months ago)
Thanks for putting this together. Most of the other videos that compared hosting companies were obvious marketing platforms. It's nice to have an actual non-biased opinion on this.
Kenny Dee (8 months ago)
Why test from really unknown companies. I only saw two that I know of like GatorHost. Why not test well known companies like WiX, or GoDaddy, or FourSquare?
Darrel Wilson (8 months ago)
wix and foursquare are on their own hosts, godaddy, meh, i never liked them
Vevo Humming (8 months ago)
when it comes to web hosting i prefer bestwebhostinginindia.com it’s the ultimate resource to get honest reviews of web hosting
Sulfen (9 months ago)
Avoid all EIG owned companies. Off the top of my head Bluehost and Hostgator are owned by them. So be careful. They're a shitty company.
Richard Wolfe (9 months ago)
I have hosted with Hostgator for many years, but I'm leaving and let me tell you why. I have a reseller account and I host several client websites. The uptime is great, and customer service is very good. However, Hostgator's IPs are blocked by a great many email companies because Hostgator customers send out so much spam that they have gotten the IPs gray listed. The result is that any emails sent out from your website aliases are likely to bounce back undelivered. I have a municipality as a client. Imagine my embarrassment when the police department's emails begin bouncing. I addressed the matter with HG MANY times, and they only say they can't fix the issue, that it's determined by the policies of the email companies. I moved some sites to Siteground and I have had ZERO issues with email. I'm just warning you, if you want to be able to use email with your website, do NOT use Hostgator or you too will be on here to tell your sad tale.
Nabil Mahfoud (1 month ago)
Yep This'z Good
Darrel Wilson (9 months ago)
i just got alot of spam with them it got kind of crazy
Uehara Shoyo (9 months ago)
this kind of unfair compare of speed, since each one of them has different page size which play a huge role on the loading time
Darrel Wilson (9 months ago)
they each have the same size, if 1-2 are differnet its the files inside the hosting compaines server
Riz Lee (9 months ago)
Hi @Darrel Wilson I check on your review and It's outstanding... I wanna go with this A2 hosting and checked your site which was hosted in A2 hosting. I think most of pages of the site is having some kind of issues. is it from your side or else from the server side ? I am comparing A2 hosting vs Dream hosting vs Green Geeks ... Which one you will recommend among these 3 ?
Riz Lee (9 months ago)
Thanks for your reply.. I think it's better to go with Site ground itself. Why take a risk....
Darrel Wilson (9 months ago)
dream host and green geeks performed pretty well, they both won in my vote
HASSAN ARIF (10 months ago)
hey Darrel I want to know what is the meaning of 25000 Visits , I saw it on site ground web hosting service
Darrel Wilson (10 months ago)
it gives users a practical number, every web hosting company has the same policy but others will "throttle" you. so siteground is a little more honest and upfront
mohamed risly (10 months ago)
what about tmd hosting
Darrel Wilson (10 months ago)
its solid, ive used it before
Farrukh Abdurashidov (11 months ago)
May I ask one question: when i checked SiteGround, middle plan is saying suitable ~25000 monthly visits, is it going to get slower after it reached 25000 views? I was planning for woocommerce, which one you will recommend: SiteGround or A2 for woocommerce, thanks)
Darrel Wilson (11 months ago)
nah you can always upgrade your plan later, 25k is alot of traffic for shared hosting and most compaines wont tell you that
NoobGamer (11 months ago)
Well i was hoping to get a clear view for choosing one of them...and you said at the end that it's upto you...well it was upto me before i watched the video....But still good effort...better video than most of the videos out there on web hosting who just promote particular companies as affiliates...This was a honest review though...Thank you
Darrel Wilson (11 months ago)
thanks bro
astrology A (11 months ago)
May I ask which Site Ground plan you subscribed when doing this test? And do they provide free domain? Thanks.
astrology A (11 months ago)
Thx for the reply but you did not mention they do not provide free domain. I just verified that with them via a pre-sale chat. I like to test a new host's customer service by chat with at least 2 reps. In SG case, the 2nd one was acceptable but the 1st sucks. So the total picture does not make them a top pick by those standards.
Darrel Wilson (11 months ago)
i use the middle plan, they currently have 70% off now, nows the time! http://www.darrelwilson.com/siteground
Mike S (11 months ago)
I contacted DreamHost for some pre-sale questions about a year ago and their reps was impatient and rude. I've ruled them out entirley since.
fecklefriend (11 months ago)
Hey Darrel. Big fan of your videos. I am just starting web building - long history in film production and actually build my own website in 2001 - and will be using your Wordpress videos (Divi in particular) to get underway. Your video was uploaded 4 months ago, and it seems your affiliate discounts are no longer working? I clicked on the top rated ones, Siteground in particular, and there seems to be no discount. Can you confirm or help me get to your affiliate discount? Thanks so much!
Koo Den (11 months ago)
I don't have good experiences with hostgator! I think they're slow. I just switch to namecheap, give me your opinion on namecheap. Are they worth it? Thanks
Nabil Mahfoud (1 month ago)
Pabis This Company Hosting Work In north Africa...Thank You
pabiz pabiz (3 months ago)
For Fast services and performance, you should choose redserverhost.com here you will get the best quality bandwidth speed and traffic managing server for your website. It is my personal experience with them that they provide me unmetered bandwidth speed for my website.
Darrel Wilson (11 months ago)
+Tao Pham SiteGround is the fastest. Do NOT use name cheap.
Alina Haitu (11 months ago)
Thank you so much for these reviews! I am about to try siteground. :)
Darrel Wilson (11 months ago)
right on! you will love it
Steve Marko (11 months ago)
For bigger website don't use Siteground. I quit after 3 years of problems with them.
Darrel Wilson (11 months ago)
really? they are the fastest ive seen working with many
puleDressDesigns (1 year ago)
Thanks for the video! I was up for renewal and wasn't sure if I should stick around or move to another web hosting. Checked on your channel to see your thoughts and found this video. Used your link to siteground :) Thanks!
The OMG Buzz! (1 year ago)
Richard Pagliaro (1 year ago)
I'm sure it's been mentioned before, but one thing to consider when picking a hosting company is the server locations. I'm based in Melbourne Australia. Most of my customers are from Australia so I picked a local company for faster speeds. Richie
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
it doesnt have to be local to be faster. I play international gaming with people overseas and i dont get lag compared to servers on the east coast, the server is everything
Brandon Criddle (1 year ago)
Ive been on a few hosts. Best "cheap" host is 1and1, and worst was hostgator.
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
1 and 1 sucks! i tried them out, i would stick with siteground or a2hosing
Transcribe Interview (1 year ago)
Good video and explanation.
Harvey Gordon (1 year ago)
So so review. Darrell, I really like your video however this one troubled me. When it got down to buy, or not buy, every time a marginally performing site crossed your path you always said the same thing..."maybe if you can get a really good price, "or" if it's on sale, then it might be a good buy. When they put vomit green paint on sale, I Do Not buy it to paint the exterior of my house. Even "free" is not a good deal if there are problems. Would you hang "your income and following" on such a site? Nobody should!
Younis Atwi (1 year ago)
Can i have your opinion on domain.com, have you tried them before ?
Harshpreet Singh (1 year ago)
Thanks man for such an unbiased comparison.
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
welcome to the channel
Dokaan dar (1 year ago)
There are many other better hosting companies. Some offer life-time hosting for a one-time fee.
Mr.Yoso (1 year ago)
is bluehost really this bad, why does wordpress keeps on advertising them.. thanks for the info you just saved my dimes
Manju Gurung (11 months ago)
You should check out this. The Actual Bluehost Review – Ultimately Should One Choose it or not?: http://kibuilder.com/uPy
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
yeah i wouldnt use it, i would use TMDhosting, or siteground, or hostgator
Lachae Favors (1 year ago)
Hi, Would you recommend InMotion Hosting? How do you feel about the. I currently have HostGator.
Nik Tvisp (1 year ago)
My girlfriend's Jedi made a purse and shoes from a Hostgator. She digs out Hostjedi.com and that can do only a women because that company offers what none of them will offer in the next 5 years. I repeat: "that can do only a women"...my women Buah-hahaha Haa
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
hostgator aint bad. i use it for some of my website, i would stay with them, but would recommend siteground or TMD Hosting Cloud
Edmonton Alberta (1 year ago)
I'm using 1 and 1 my website i like 1 and 1 i don't any problem in my woocommerce speed is good 6 s but i make it my speed 2.95 s ...
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
ive used it, kind of sucks but i would transfer to siteground
Julie E Health (1 year ago)
A2Hosting is best-hosting provider what i know, the uptime and stability is awesome, Not only that, the support is really professional and to be responsible for all problems without exception. i have been using their host more than 1 years and i think they are really worth for hosting solution.
Raviv Golov (3 months ago)
Now the best for 2018 is--> https://Fiver.Host for sure with out any chance to others.
G Reinsther (5 months ago)
Nasty Ivanova (5 months ago)
Free and Fast hosting https://www.000webhost.com/1047740.html
neeheeleest (8 months ago)
This is just superb, been searching for "what is a website hosting company" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across - Riyackenzie Hosting Highlighter - (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my m8 got amazing success with it.
Kim Official Channel (1 year ago)
I went A2 hosting feature, I found that it allow opcache and memcache so it should good speed optimization. However, I plan to test the service as soon as possible.
Mic Beasley (1 year ago)
thanks Darrel, this did help to narrow down a provider.  Haven't committed yet, but getting close.
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
yup, try em out
S M (1 year ago)
:-) THANKS Darrel for investing the time, dedication and energy for this video's production.
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
you are very welcome
Julio Flores (1 year ago)
Great video Darrel
Julio Flores (1 year ago)
Cool, I didn't know that. Thank you
Md Islam (1 year ago)
WordPress is not owned by any of these companies. WordPress itself is free and open source, which means it is free for all and will always be the case. So if you have to pay to install or to use WordPress then absolutely do not fall for it. Even if a hosting service does not offer easy installation of WordPress you can still do it manually (google) as long as the host supports regular Database and php running on their servers. Cheers.
Julio Flores (1 year ago)
I haven't yet, but I will go with DreamHost. I will use your link for sure, it gives me 50 dollars off for the first year! One question though, I see that WordPress is free to install, but is it also free to use? or do I need pay for WordPress as well?
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
thanks bro, what hosting did you go with?
Class 8 (1 year ago)
I liked the video and as a matter of fact I am changing to siteground because of it, but where the 60% discount?
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
when you use the link, its applied, you can see it at the top
Andrew Copp (1 year ago)
What exactly does web server to response time mean? And why does it matter if your browser is loading fast?
Julio Flores (1 year ago)
I actually don't know, I know what you mean now. Hopefully someone else can help us
Andrew Copp (1 year ago)
Julio Flores thanks Julia. And was asking why does it matter if web-server response time is low when the browser is running fast irregardless?
Julio Flores (1 year ago)
Andrew Copp The fastest the response time, as in less time, the fastest it will load for the person visiting your site. If I site takes too long to load, the person visiting the site will probably leave the site
Ray Mughal (1 year ago)
how can I run multiple Wordpress websites locally?
Ray Mughal (1 year ago)
Darrel Wilson I was hoping an answer from. I asked and want to know in your Divistudiolayout website tutorial, the navigation background turns white when we scroll how can we do that in Divi? because transparent background messes up with other content. would you please let us know?
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
yeah thats pretty basic
50something original (1 year ago)
Your video has helped me make my decision. My channel is new so I'm trying to learn as much as I can and implement many platforms to help it grow and a blog is one of those platforms. Thanks for all the hard work!
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
good luck, its a journey from here, i remember how hard it was for me
RIKEOO (1 year ago)
Well, I don't see on the list TMDHosting? It's good, right? ...at least, TMDHosting on the WooProfessional plan, include Wildcard SSL, so like Shopify, it would secure not only site wide the main domain, but also Subdomains! ...correct? And are you using WooCommerce? Thanks.
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
TMDhosting is a good choice, yes, you get a free domain and SSL with it. Its just not as popular as some of these but i still recommend them
Yasir al-Hasnawy (1 year ago)
A Client of my is still in need for hosting he wants it to be cheap and i saw that greengeeks had a 35 dollar a year plan is that the cheapest option that also is pretty good
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
they are all pretty good, the ones that are bad i kind of say it the way it is lol
Jin (1 year ago)
Hey Darrel! Would you please make a video on changing host servers! Or do you or does anyone else reading this know of a good video on changing from Hostgater to Siteground? Iam having mayor loading problems on my site, I mean like 6.18 s loading time problem, and my site is only 5.7mb.
Darrel Wilson (1 year ago)
they are spikey, you could always try out siteground, they have a money back if you dont like it :)

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