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NineMSN news reporter Josephine Asher meets mining dump truck driver Melissa Marco and mine manager Tony Davis at Bengalla coal mine in the Hunter Valley, NSW.
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D Victor (5 months ago)
17,000 women ya right ok the guys lose out on the work but we just don,t have the right parts
Trudy NORTON (1 year ago)
Im currently doing FIFO Utility worker at Beverly. Ive grown up with trucks. I am looking for a trainee dump truck position in SA. Please can someone advise me on who and where i go for info.
Dean Roth (6 years ago)
its who you know network yourself and get your name out there find places where you can meet people to give you the jobs for me I am just getting my safety ticket for driving heavy equipment when I am done I will go to northern Alberta Canada and through several people I met I will get a job like my friend did he stared off at 30.00 an hour but now he is at 40.00 an hour
liz s (1 year ago)
Big difference...buds
liz s (1 year ago)
Dean Roth you mean haul truck operator....not equiptment operator
liz s (1 year ago)
Dean Roth and you will drive haul truck....enjoy
liz s (1 year ago)
Yes it is sometimes....not always though...if you are a 30 year old and new too the industry...we don't want you
Mr Cabot (1 year ago)
Go on, join the criminals, you are headed for the tar sands projects? Marcus would like to meet you, show you around. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qIBxXLMCL0
Darrylene Mc Bain (6 years ago)
Yes women have been in the mining industry for years. So how do I get a job as a Dumpy driver. I'm willing to travel. I've been a labourer for 30years..
javelinxd44 (7 years ago)
There are tons of women drivers in Alberta, driving cat 797's which are the largest cat haul trucks.
Voca T (7 years ago)
That's right we will all work hard to keep money in the rich mans pockets.
PerspectiveFPV (7 years ago)
strange kitchen
Dennie Bean (7 years ago)
my cousin is a girl and she drives a truck thats bigger than that why wasnt sh eon t.v?
Chris W (7 years ago)
Great story but the comment on blokes earning 25% more is kinda lame. they earn more because they have been working there longer. i started working in the mines with 5 other men and woman and we all earn the same..

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