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The Beer Log: a flight at Lagunitas, Petaluma | The Craft Beer Channel

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On their way up to Santa Rosa for Rate Beer Best, Jonny and the Brad stop of at Lagunitas for a flight nearly as long as the one that took them to California. There was time for a quick tour before heading on up. More Cali videos coming including interviews and tours of Bear Republic and Russian River! Buy our new book, Beer School, today: USA (Amazon): http://tinyurl.com/zbjx4sn UK (Amazon): http://tinyurl.com/zksjmdf UK with beer (Beer Merchants): http://tinyurl.com/j4vmps6 Europe (Beer Merchants): http://tinyurl.com/jy6fr2y Check out our partners at http://www.beermerchants.com Twitter – @beerchannel Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/thecraftbeerchannel Instagram – @jonnygarrett @mrbradevans Remember to drink responsibly(ish) and not be that guy...
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John Stephens (7 months ago)
Very good .... thirsty now! 🍺
robbie gaston (1 year ago)
Did you make it to alvarado street out of interest? Monterey bit of a destination now as it had fieldwork beer garden too!
We didn't but we had some of the beers in SF and loved them - especially the sour we had...the name escapes me though.
T.J. Hofer (1 year ago)
Boy this is a little awkward watching this after the buyout...by Heineken..
+Tanner J Hofer they were half bought by then already! The full buyout was...a surprise.
+Tanner J Hofer they were half bought by then already! The full buyout was...a surprise.
well done dudes
TheGreaterGood80 (1 year ago)
Glad you enjoyed Petaluma. I love my town :)
we loved it too!
Yonatan Schkolnik (1 year ago)
Really hope you made it to Sebstapol (10 min) away. To Woodfour and that goat place bear by :)
wpgjets (1 year ago)
are you still in northern ca?
Afraid not - been back a while! These videos take ages to edit!
wpgjets (1 year ago)
go a bit north to Anderson valley drink some great beer and play some Frisbee golf on site!
sorry...what? Frisbee golf?! Sounds awesome.
BAOS Podcast (1 year ago)
Great stuff, boys! Are you guys making it up to Canada this trip?
Sadly not, but one day!
Francesco Bandini (1 year ago)
Is it still good or not?
All the classics still tasting excellent, though the schloer one wasn't so great.
sofakingdrunk66 (1 year ago)
Now thats what i call a flight tray...
I won't even look twice at a smaller one now...
Aldo Raine (1 year ago)
there's a term for that unchanged bit of the taproom: it's a dive bar. weird kooky stuff, lots of wood paneling and a wooden bar in a darkly lit room. seems like Lagunitas' dive bar haha.
it felt a bit like one too! Lots of dudes in beards who looked like they been drinking since birth.
Jon (1 year ago)
Looks like you guys had a great time!
yeah it was OK i guess!
ST-Audio (1 year ago)
Lagunitas, Russian River and Bear Republic all under an hour from my house.......one of the advantages of living in Northern California. Hope you guys enjoyed your trip
one of the many!
Tasting Nitch (1 year ago)
flights are huge, people are fun, and you've got 40 minutes - WELCOME TO US of A !!!
A Sunny Disposition (1 year ago)
Lagunitas! They make some damn good beer! Their pricing is also fantastic. Cheers guys!
Vikingr Fmly (1 year ago)
You don't do beer flights over their in the UK?
+Vikingr Fmly we sure do. But not this big...
Zak Stamps (1 year ago)
love it guys! enjoy the awesomeness of my neck of the woods
you're a lucky guy to live in this part of the world!
Psyche1118 (1 year ago)
Are you coming to Hawaii? Big Island Brewhaus!
Tasting Nitch (1 year ago)
Ditto that -- I'd love to see you two trying to surf <3
We wish! One day.
Beer Monster (1 year ago)
God! I wish we could get more of their beer over here! Great vid guys - love the awkwardness at the end!😜
haha, our editing saves you from witnessing it too often...
Neal Brondgeest (1 year ago)
love watching your channel guys not to serious. and i can see you really do what you enjoy doing. if you ever come to holland i own a craft beershop in Volendam. check it out on facebook its called Bierderij Waterland. lots of love and greetingz
we will! Need to come over someday soo, we have had a lot of great Dutch beer!
Ole P. (1 year ago)
You know, I was really weirded out when Lagunitas sold out. Then again, I did not like the IPA, or at least not in the state that it was in when it arrived in Sweden. Really only liked Little Sumpin, but loved that tbh. Thing is, after this little clip I have an adjusted view. I still will not really seek out Lagunitas unless I know it is really fresh or something, but when I, one day, make my way to Cali, I will stop by there. Cause I did not really know about the range (or the shack) before because I did not really care. Now I am intrigued. Cheers for that!
Yeah we were really surprised to see how "small" the company feels despite its size. The offices were cramped, the people friendly, the bar full of awesome people. It's just the tanks that are huge and frightening! We still really wish Heineken had nothing to do with them, but we love the beer and the people we met.
Holly's Happy Hour (1 year ago)
Lagunitas is on my brewery bucket list, along with Russian River. Have fun guys, cheers!
they were on ours too! Well worth ticking off, both awesome places for a beer. Video of the latter coming soon!
saga (1 year ago)
did you guys try 12th of never? that is my favorite beer from lagunitas..I also have one of those cups...
We did indeed, lovely sipping beer.
Josh Richards (1 year ago)
Going to California in May, anywhere else you recommend visiting?
Yonatan Schkolnik (1 year ago)
rare barrel!!! and Novel.
Josh Richards (1 year ago)
Amazing! thanks a lot for the help.
unepommeverte17 (1 year ago)
I'm from the Bay Area but most of my favorite beers come from breweries north of San Francisco. (Like, way north in some cases) But if you end up going that way too there's a few in the Mendocino area, plus Anderson Valley and Six Rivers which, if I remember correctly, are even more out-of-the-way. But I did just go to Fieldwork in Berkeley for the first time this weekend and I definitely recommend them! And also, I said this on their video when they first said they were coming to CA, there are also some good ones in the direction of Sacramento, like Sudwerk's in Davis. Not that I'm biased from living in Davis for 5 years or anything ;) (But actually their Marzan is so good my dad has me pick up a keg of it whenever my parents have a big party lol)
yeah what he said too.
Vikingr Fmly (1 year ago)
SD - Stone, Ballast Point, Green Flash, Pizza Port PASO ROBLES - Firestone Walker(My top choice) SF - Anchor(A landmark Brewery) The list goes on :P
Robert Kwolek (1 year ago)
Lagunitas doesn't belong on a craft beer channel, being 50% owned by Heineken. Even the Brewers Association doesn't classify them as such. Buying "craft beer" from one of the giants defeats the purpose for me, since half the reason I buy craft beer is to support small local businesses.
haha, we're happy with the size and having guys like you support the little guys on Youtube! Craft beer is still niche so we're expecting to grow as the breweries do but we're just lucky to get to travel and taste amazing beers. We aint gonna sell to Heineken though, that's for sure.
Robert Kwolek (1 year ago)
+The Craft Beer Channel I get that completely. Being a small business co-owner myself, I tend to be more adamant about supporting small companies, though on the flip side I also understand the temptation to sell to a larger company. You guys make great content, btw. Honestly I can't understand why the channel isn't bigger.
Totally get where you're coming from Robert and we all have our codes. We definitely strive to put emphasis and support the smaller guys - hence why Lagunitas got a short beer log, but we have big features on Russian River and Bear Republic coming. That said, we personally don't define craft beer by strict ownership or size numbers – we think you have to decide on a case-by-case basis or else you get tangled in all sorts of hypocrisies and moral dilemmas. While Lagunitas continues to act like a sustainable, friendly business we'll keep drinking their beers. Same for Goose, Camden, Del Borgo et al. If that changes (and Goose is starting to do some very questionable things here in the UK) then we will stop featuring them completely.
John Henfrey (1 year ago)
Only tried the IPA which is wonderful, but any brewery with a picture of, Jerry Garcia on the wall, gets a big thumbs up from me.
haha, a good system to have
kegkingdom (1 year ago)
Hangover shades? 🍻
Tasting Nitch (1 year ago)
naw, totally hangover shades ;D
erm...we're gonna blame the sun. But that might be unfair on it.
Mike Young (1 year ago)
omg, I'm going to be out that way next week. we could have run into each other, loved your book btw. if you're going to be in cleveland, Ohio lmk and I'll show u all the best, including some of my own
thanks for the offer, definitely will! Glad you liked the book.

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