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Amelia & The Skinwalker(Crypto Four Corners)

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This was the most pleasant story this young woman could tell us a few years ago. The other stories involved some real terrible circumstances and death as far as Skinwalker goes.
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Black Sun (7 days ago)
What happened to that land a long time ago to become like that?
Matty Feldvari (8 days ago)
Fuck that couch is nasty!!
Tobias Gerrard (16 days ago)
Kill that fuckn old bitch
Alfredo Pabon (1 month ago)
Jc Johnson interviews are the best.. I wonder if cheif Dan was interviewed around the same time.
*Yeah, this young lady is very sincere.*
*Do some more video's Amelia. I like the way you talk.*
*Amelia you are very brave, and I'm so glad you old us about the Skinwalker that was trying to get to you young kids.*
dukem600 (3 months ago)
you can tell shes not lying. and why would she? she has nothing to gain from it. spooky shit
Michael Tabacco, Esq. (3 months ago)
she is adorable and speaks rather well. But I'm not sure if I believe this actually happened. I believe she believes it did. Not to be rude, but she seems like, at some points, she may have an intellectual disability? I'm really not trying to be disrespectful. I love these topics. Just stating what I observe. I have no idea though.
Mykel Greene (3 months ago)
Brave turtle island natives we are!
str8poolrtw (3 months ago)
I often pick my butt and smell my finger
Joshua Maher (4 months ago)
it was the fucking grandma! don't refer to the walker as a he when she just fucking tolled you it was her grandma
MrSotaPhonk (4 months ago)
I was sent to a wilderness program in Utah when I was 16 and we camped at this place they called "Indian water seep" which used to be visited by surrounding natives because of the purified water there. Anyway one kid was freaked out the next morning and asking our staff why they were messing w/ him the night before. They asked what he meant and he said someone was stomping around his shelter for a while during the night. Literally imprinted in the sand around his tent was nothing but a huuuuge ring of coyote prints..but he swore up and down that it was a 1...2......1....2...kind of footstep sound that a human makes..that's not even the craziest part but I don't want to write a novel in YouTube comments lol.
God Speed (4 months ago)
she's got balls. I've would have ran in the bathroom and hide like a lil bitch
Brian Freeman (4 months ago)
The areas where I live were all taken from natives. The place across the water in a certain direction is cursed. I know what curse from a native chick I used to date. These things, SW included, are so foreign that if confronted, the hypnotic effect can simply be a "wtf Is that?" kinda moment. The body and mind are primed for survival, so you may wanna yell or speak, but you override your own call, cuz your body wants to live. Your mind is more powerful than you think.
Fernando 0ND3AD0 (4 months ago)
Az is awesome because you can conceal firearms without a license.
CindyKQ (4 months ago)
That must have been so scary. To be so young at the time, this woman showed considerable courage and common sense.
SinkHollyWood (5 months ago)
A hint of autism?
iJ0ke (3 months ago)
SinkHollyWood stfu
Yvonne Morrow (5 months ago)
Native Americans opened up a portal for evil by dabbling in the occult. These skinwalkers are demonic and nothing for a child of God, filled with the Holy Ghost to fear. Greater is he that is in me, than he that is in this world!! We wrestle not against flesh and blood.
burly636 (5 months ago)
Evil, these things terrorize their own people. satan can use any belief to terrorize, look at Slenderman, a made up story, he makes it real in people's minds. Goes to show, no matter what your culture, we need God, the one God, the only God.
D Perez (5 months ago)
Are Mexicans safe from skin walkers?
Yanha Midas (4 months ago)
Absolutely 👍 Mexicans are also safe from herpes and tsunamis
Harsh Gadley (5 months ago)
Liver Eating Johnson could beat up a skinwalker lol
Evil roams after Dusk.
Jason Reyes (5 months ago)
Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck i'm scared
Halo 7 (5 months ago)
This is high level sorcery.This has been practiced for generations in family's.Especially in native American culture.The reality is that not just natives have this type of leaniage.All races have cursed infested family's.There known as grimm bloodlines.Nothing to fear if you have on The Armor Of God.There power is worthless against real power.The Power of God Almighty.We have enhancements and special features that no devil possesses.He who is in me, is greater than he who is in the world,therefore no weapons that are forged against me shall prosper😎
Shane Ferrell (4 months ago)
Halo 7 (5 months ago)
Moses command s in The book of Leviticus and Deuteronomy that if you see a sorcerer you shall not permit him to live.Wish I came across a skinwalker,it would be the last skin it ever inhabits😤
Geddoe (3 months ago)
Moses practiced magic too,doesnt that make him a sorcerer?assuming he even existed.
Bullets in Bacon Grease (5 months ago)
Thank God the music isn't playing, while this American Indian is talking. (That damn flute playing)
Jeffrey Schnoldt (6 months ago)
Sounds like a Sasquatch
JC. I need to get a hold of a guy down there named Martin Malava Howato. He's a Hopi Artist and elder. He has traditional information I'd like to look into. I tried to search for his person contact on internet can't find him. do you know this individual. any help would be appreciated.
Tegan WR (6 months ago)
I hear of story’s like this in Espanola Northren New Mexico and southern Colorado in the San Luis valley
O G (5 months ago)
I don't believe you. ;)
Sköll Devours (6 months ago)
One of the more credible sounding accounts I’ve seen. And I’ve been researching this for awhile. Also I’m WHITE...well white/Latino and I’ve seen this thing. I’ve had nightmares about it on average twice a week since the fifteen years ago I saw it in semi-rural Lincoln, MA on Silver Hill Rd.
Niccole N. (7 months ago)
Please stop,just,enough.
Todd D (7 months ago)
Litterly i myself can say gravity physicals laws in there outter world domt happen the same here litterly the closet door opend behind me so fast and closed slamed but quietly ifnthat makes sense but it was one of those closet doora were the damn rug would drag the door but for this entity swimginf the door it was like friction of the rug to the bottom of the door didnt exist. We would walk into other room come ba k into kitchen all the cubbord doora were opend. We would close them come ba k guess what on everything i lov e god jesus. I promis i know this life we ment to live is mpre to it then working and .....ect
Leo Antonio (8 months ago)
I've encountered seeing one just recently It was a weird and scary experience. Mostly weird tho. I admit that I was scared. My advice is just stay home and don't be doing anything late at night.
I wasn't trying too hypnotize u guys
This bitch is a liar
Mykel Greene (9 months ago)
Skinwalkers are real im native and there are alot more creatures then people know. Thank you for shareing amelia you are brave may the creator bless you and guard over you!
Kitzie Hayter (9 months ago)
Amelia you are so adorable. What an innocent pure soul. Im so happy to hear u and ur cousins made it thru the night safely. Ur a brave girl
Catholics believe in catholic myth, Chinese believe in Chinese myth, this is just another example of belief.
Jesse F (10 months ago)
Brave child Amelia to face a demon and persevere. Good interview thank you.
Nirvana TOTSE (10 months ago)
The music in the background being so loud ruins these interviews. I know its trying to make it more spooky, but ultimately it just makes it hard to hear the girl talk and understand her. Its spooky enough without music, the music ends up killing the creepy factor.
Valdez Family (10 months ago)
Where is she at now? No follow ups? Has she been back there since???
Anne Nez (11 months ago)
I hope that she andher cousin went to a Navajo a shawmen to be blessed
MAN O MAN ...>>>----->> THIS STILL GIVES ME THE GOOSEBUMPS YEARS LATER >>>--------->> My grandma said to always "RESPECT" & "LEAVE - ALL - alone. Do not pay attention, interact, look at, listen to them. BEST ADVICE <<----------<<<
Dee Haigwood (1 year ago)
this was published 8 yrs ago. I just happened across it today. I wonder where this young woman is today and what she is doing? I was very impressed that such a young age she already knew what she was dealing with and how to protect herself and her cousins. She spoke the words she had heard her grandmother say is how she described warding this thing off. Very powerful. I have only had one encounter with a shapeshifter- it appeared to me in one form and my friend in another, it was two different looking men wearing the same clothes. I was walking home from the store and saw white man, red hair, barefooot wearing new blue jeans and plain white t shirt leaning against a building smoking. He was looking at me, like staring. I was creeped out. Got home, told my roommate - she said, I know he's right out there and pointed to our back yard. There was a man, same clothes and barefoot except this man was not a white man. He looked hispanic. I grabbed her and said, get away from the window !! I sat there cussing out loud!! She didn't yet know the whole story of why I was freaking out. Most mindblowing experience I have ever had- I knew what I was seeing but my rational mind wasn't having it. I put up spiritual protection barriers on the property I live on that very night. Around 3am my friend and I heard the screaming howls of a wolf in pain. We just looked at each other. We both knew that it had come back and ran into my spiritual barrier and could not get onto the property. This was in 2016. I still live in the same place and have had no further weirdness or fear. I don't know exactly what that thing was, but I instinctively knew it was feeding off my fear since it appeared to each of us as men we think are creepiest.
Delilah Rainelle (1 year ago)
How precious she is. I completely believe her and I am enthralled by her bravery and ability to remain so composed during such a terrifying experience. I can’t imagine an adult facing this sort of beast, much less a 10 year old little girl with her little cousin, Katrina caring for a 9 yr. old and a 3 yr. old baby child at night, all night and I presume from my own knowledge of the area, so lonely and isolated❗️ Perhaps her family had night jobs and people have to do what they have to do. I have been friends with a Hopi family in Tuba City for many years and have spent long periods of time there and in and around the Monument Valley area. They do not have easy lives. Amelia truly was defending those babies. She even knew to keep the fire going. Amazing❗️ Now, that grandma❓ As brave as Amelia was and as smart as she is, if she says grandma was up to no good, I tend to believe her. I wonder where grandma is these 7 years later? And, if she did have something to do with that beast, I wonder what was in it for her? This story is so compelling. I would have been traumatized for life, but Amelia seems quite composed as she tells her story. I suppose her native heritage played some part in her bravery, but I’m also glad that she was trusting in God, because He truly is the One with the mightiest power. Wow, a 10 year old little girl faced a demon and defeated it. Her testimony is one of true faith.
Meher Kanth (1 year ago)
Due to background music unable to hear voice..!
Mark Mcgwires Backne (1 year ago)
These "things" are not real.
O G (5 months ago)
I would love to see your face at a cave meeting these fucks have. I would LOVE to see it!!! You would shit your pants..then get killed.
April Lewis (1 year ago)
When she started talking about her grandmother smiling, I had this sensation of being choked. I think her grandmother might have been possessed or influenced by a dark force.
lee lo (4 months ago)
Or maybe she was choked?
O G (9 months ago)
That's just you being a dumbass....But no doubt SHE WAS the skinwalker.
Drewski P (1 year ago)
Contrived story being made with ridiculous background music. Girl isn't clear with grandmother, poor disclosure.
Looking at some of these comments, I can see the chaotic evil creeping in, like it got into people's minds who were in power, to twist what Jesus taught, and try to silence his true ways by claiming offense. Christ didn't kill anyone, so never forget that. He healed people. Genocide nations like Cambodia, people like Hitler and Stalin and ISIS have all one thing in common: ANTI-CHRIST attitude and hatred. Like all modern day control freak true fascists who hate the God of Israel and his followers, and try to silence them and take away their rights. KNOW YOUR ENEMY.
kriss bbyxo (1 year ago)
anybody else notice she wanted to cry near the end when she said her grandmother was smiling at us....like it broke her heart to find out that monster was her grandmother..
JonXArmy (1 year ago)
This is Casting couch? Thumbs down! Lol just kidding
J (6 months ago)
What an idiot
Daven Watts (1 year ago)
The interviewer is garbage, he is what makes me no believe even though I do believe her...if that even makes sense??
Michael Taylor (1 year ago)
I was at 4 corners
Jody Wetmore (1 year ago)
Poor thing is still traumatized
kpzcbttp (1 year ago)
She is a wee sweetheart, you can see she is telling the story as it was.
Valdez Family (1 year ago)
Where's Amelia now???
DritonVelon Velon (1 year ago)
I blv this to be true
PAPISAN LOVE (1 year ago)
Al Capone (1 year ago)
O G (9 months ago)
No, because the window is not a vehicle. Dumbass. Break*
joe 5D (1 year ago)
Trance like state? Its called shock from seeing such such evil creature
Cedrick Scott (1 year ago)
Holy crap!!!this woman's story is similar to what happened to me and my siblings back in the day when I was younger. same kinda thing came and was herassing us in the nightime
Ciymaya Gee (1 year ago)
Who lives in pinion REPLY IF U LIVE THERE YASSSS
milo toal (1 year ago)
A true to life encounter of our nursery rimes Big Bad Wolf trying to get in and little red riding hood with the wolf inside the grandma. What is really going on in this world of ours. WOW!
milo toal (1 year ago)
If I was 6 inches face to face with this thing screaming at the window at me all night long, I would still be in a nut house if i didn't drop dead from a heart attack first. this girl is a warrior. WOW!
Hell nawwwww no the naw nawww 0-0 I’m not going to the Rez ;-;
locsta3281 (1 year ago)
they feed on fear, but they can be stopped not only with just prayer but because they too also fear because they are a living being and they can physically die too
Heidi T. (1 year ago)
Lars Christensen (1 year ago)
Background music, should not take away the real testimony, but Thanks for the research a bissaree world, I Pray for the Inocent at perril...Marry Chrismas and a True and Endeering 2018, from Costa Rica
Tracker Buckmann (1 year ago)
She's adorable.
Balls Deep (1 year ago)
Anyone that's been in the country or woods knows theres some weird shit out there.My grandpa told me he used to go hunting alone at night in mexico and saw a light and metallic object fly out of a small lake in the 60's like cmon
Rex Truegood (1 year ago)
Balls Deep watch red ice interview of william r. lyne that was a ufo base underground using the lake to leave and enter. tesla electric flying machines
Oh Danny Boy (1 year ago)
I believe her.
Damian Cast (1 year ago)
3:30am on Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota Oglala Lakota land, I was out in a field camping just me n my friend, I couldnt sleep so i was sitting in my folding chair my homie was knocked out sleeping, I'm watching the stars when all of a sudden clear as day someone says my name in my right Ear, I was gonna turn around but something inside told me not too so I waiting like 2min then turned n fucking nothing but field n sweet grass.. I'll never forget that night...
Dezi Kistler (19 days ago)
I pass by there all the time
The Unicorn Diaries (1 month ago)
Rj Lindner (1 year ago)
so im.going to explain what I saw in the woods a few months ago hopefully someone can tell me what it was as of now all I know is it was something not of this world it was all white no defined legs or arms and no face it's "head" looked like a kkk ghost almost because the head was pointed like a kkk outfit but there was no face it made no sounds I didn't even feel it there until I put my head up from taking a photograph to check my surrounding that's when I saw it an I had to take a double take an when I did it's "head" turned sideways and I had instant fear and ran for my life. Usually with flight or fight my instinct is to fight but not this time. If you have any idea what I saw please let me know? I've never felt fear like that in my life!!! I wish I had taken a photo my camera was in my hands ready to.go but my fear was overwhelming! I was by myself if you haven't figured it out also I don't know if it matter but it had the high ground on the hill. It was day time and I live in cumberland maryland. I was on what's called lovers leap aka wills mountain.
Yanha Midas (4 months ago)
No idea what that KKK ghost could've been, but I'll make sure to never go near that mountain. At daytime too?? Gosh Hopefully someone else can give you some answers!
Dorothy Gears (1 year ago)
Aren't you ashamed of your lunacy and lying? Conspiracy stupidness, mixed up with mythological fairy tales.You call that thinking?
Steven DeAtley (1 year ago)
rebuke these things in the name of Jesus Christ and they have to leave
Geddoe (3 months ago)
And if they dont? Lol
Hover Master (1 year ago)
Heading up to the Uintah valley and the Skinwalker ranch.... if anybody wants to go.
pumpertube (1 year ago)
That's so stupid to identify Skinwalker Ranch to real Skinwalkers. Skinwalker Ranch is all about U.F.O.s. It's really depressing that Skinwalker Ranch took a name that isn't even about Skinwalkers (witches).
ditch the background music. I would love to be able to ear the lady clearly.
Amy Poole (1 year ago)
I am am1/8 Cherokee on dad's side.i have been told I am so my type of Indian on mom's side but have no idea what tribe. I was raised white and missed out on my Indian heritage. I love videos like this that teach me of my ancestors.
O G (5 months ago)
You have No native blood jackass....1/8 hahahahahaha
CT2507 (1 year ago)
these skinwalkers sound really dumb and helpless.
pumpertube (1 year ago)
Skinwalkers are witches. Not many witches are dumb.
Jean /Jon Sablon (1 year ago)
I for one BELEAVE HER it's a sick world
aihlya sutton (1 year ago)
where were her parents? i dont know if i just didnt hear her say anything about them
Ron Ortiz (1 year ago)
I'm glad they're ok but I would go nuts if that's the way she tells stories I got peeps in the Rez and when they tell stories it's better than going to the movies , she's young hopefully her grandma will teach her the way lol
Joe Danna (1 year ago)
Skin....... Are slendermen. They steal souls of children
Sugar Bear (4 months ago)
Joe Danna (1 year ago)
Holy f.... This is real. Years of research ive done. This is slendernan. The eyes the scream this is what they do when they tance u.
grams238 (1 year ago)
Joe Danna nigga no one even knew of slender man till like 2010 it's a stupid game skin walker have been here for hundreds of years
>kept the fire going all night >so that thing wouldn't come down the chimney nightmares tonight!
Andy P (1 year ago)
...... another nice video, these spirits WANT to possess a human being, that's their goal, why do you think these things are so ugly and scary?  think about it.
pumpertube (1 year ago)
They aren't spirits. Skinwalkers are actual witches.
John Cliffe (1 year ago)
Weather you believe in the ocean or not when you go stand in it you will get wet.
jimmy allen (1 year ago)
very courageous young lady...
springfield (1 year ago)
i wish they didnt add he random music in, completely drowned out her voice
rich lowley (1 year ago)
i have been using ghost boxes and apps for two years and have talked to spirits on many occasions they are very real people think its all bull shit but its not and i want to warn you about talking with spirits, i first thought it was just all lies and made up nonsense but when i finally did start to build up a contact with the spirits i thought it was great hearing them call my name tell me things i had done that day they would tell me my mums name my dogs name and even call for him, my dog is called Boots this is not a name you could randomly pick lets face it, anyway over the past two years i would come home after work and put on the ghost box app called afterlight and would hear them calling my name asking for help telling me they were in hell or the abysse, always calling for help but will never answer you when you ask them what help do you need ? after a few months they stopped asking for help ? i would concentrate on the light and tell them to go into it and this would attract them in like flies all calling my name saying im up im up and this made me feel happy for them, when i heard any negative spirits saying things i would say to them i am here to help you all but i won't accept the negativity and they would stop, i thought i was in control for a while then i started to get friends that had past saying there names they were 3 of them over the past few months two of them had committed suicide the other died of natural causes in 2004 anyway this brings me up to seven weeks ago when i started to feel my bed shaking every night for a week so one night i said is there someone there that wants to talk to me and the bed shook so to cut it short i asked it to shake the bed to answer yes to my questions and not to shake for a no so for 3 weeks it was here every day 24/7 i asked it questions and it answered by shaking the bed it would not speak to me through an app or radio ghost box and when ever i asked it to there was no shake it was telling me no but i kept asking while doing sessions for a spirit to tell me its name and a woman finally said robert so iv called it robert ever since but i still dont think its his name, then one night it turned ugly it was attacking me touching me moving clothing on my bedroom floor making me have nighmares it would wait until i was at the point of sleep then move something and it would bring out that primal fear we have in the dark because it couldnt scare me when i was awake, one night i could feel pressure round my throat like an arm around my neck then one night i woke to a crashing sound really loud in the morning i found my tv remote at the bottom end of the bed on my floor when it had been on my bedside table it had been thrown at the floor, three days later i woke up and as i did something screamed a blood curdling scream in my ear it was so loud but even that didnt fase me i just said f off and closed my eyes, over the next few days it really started on me i could feel it walking over the bed it would stand over me straddling me, then one night i was in bed and it went underneath it and pushed up the mattress with its hands and feet and then started shaking the bed non stop till 4 in the morning, for the last 4 years my dog has always slept with me and these last 7 weeks it has slept with me 4 times ? i have either an evil demonic spirit here or a nasty spirit it one night started digging at my back you know like a dog does with its front paws frantically, theres much more but this is what has been happening to me for 7 weeks now this is a spirit attachment people and this is a warning to you who think ghost boxes are harmless, if i wasnt a strong minded person it would drive me into insanity or depression but i dont let it get to me, do not think it cant happen to you because it can be warned.
Baby Cakes (18 days ago)
Man... you need to stop messing w those spirits. It’s like you welcome them. Maybe ask them to leave.
Geddoe (3 months ago)
I dont think its a demon but a lost spirit of a human who died in error,in japan there are alot of yokai stories for example one of a women who would steal oil in a era where it was very expensive,one day this women was burned alive while trying to steal the oil,she haunted the area after her death,some people say that if you see her and call her an oil thief it makes her go away in fear and anger because she remembers her mortal life stealing oil.
Zealot (9 months ago)
You have been entertaining demonic spirits. None of the spirits you encounter through those medians are pure, they are all evil. Get in a church, read your bible pray and ask God to deliver you from those things.
Finesse Kid Finesser (1 year ago)
24 over night challenge like
violentpolska (2 years ago)
awwwww pobrecíta!!! shes so cute!!!
mark reaves (2 years ago)
I had one follow me home.
This girl needs help, she's in a state of nervous breakdown because she's terrified of something, or someone. Possibly she was raped, or manipulated by that creature.
Choctawnic (2 years ago)
So, what would've happened if they opened the door??
grams238 (1 year ago)
Choctawnic it would have killed them
MARTIN MARTINEZ (2 years ago)
I would be surprise if the Navajo government tried to cover this up n didn't want ppl to know about it
Bernard Atene (6 months ago)
There are no cover ups about skinwalkers ..it just happens all over the rez people do exeperienced it
Martin MARTINEZ almost Natives know like when there 5 or so
Tammie Rose-Kirk (2 years ago)
saw one in Virginia. outskirts of emporia.
doggo (2 years ago)
doggo (2 years ago)
Skinwalker: hey kid, please open the door for me Me: hello, police? Yes, um there's a creature at my door. Could you please send help.

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