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John Deere 3038e - Removing fallen cedar trees

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Recent high winds this spring have brought down some cedar trees. These two trees were tangled and got hung up as they started to fall. We had fun finishing the job of getting them to the ground with our John Deere 3038e and D160 front end loader.
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Michael Cooke III (1 year ago)
Like the music like old rock and roll. You do a good job
Thanks! we finally got a chance to till this very area a few weeks ago and hope to put grass seed down next Spring and extend our lawn.
Sidney Mathious (1 year ago)
I just got an idea after viewing this video and have to remove a dead limb from one walnut tree, and then move dead limbs from a dead hickory tree into a pile I have already put other items onto. I just purchased the John Deere 3032E tractor with the front loader, and can use it to do these jobs. I also have a 790 tractor which I have and is considering keeping my brush hog connected to my 790 tractor, and using the new tractor to connect other implements to.
Thanks for watching +Sidney Mathious!  I hope your successful with removing the dead limbs.  We will be doing the same thing in about a month as we prepare for fall.  It sound like you are well set up if you can leave your brush hog attached to the 790 and use your 3032E for other implements.  Even with the quick hitch it does take some time to switch between implements.  Have a good day!
James Fulks (2 years ago)
I have watched four of your videos and really appreciate them. Honestly, I hate the music and would rather hear the tractor running. I think your video quality is good and I like that you show the various abilities of your tractor. Keep up the good work.
Thanks +James Fulks! As for the music, I would prefer to hear the tractor running as well. I will talk to the editing team (family) ;) I have to admit, last Fall when we were researching our tractor purchase, I ran across your tractor/grapple video and I remember thinking, "Yep" that tractor would do what we need it to do and I need to look into a grapple. You made picking up brush look way to easy! Our kids, who are normally responsible for helping pick up the brush, were all to excited to agree that a grapple would be a good investment.
Nicholls & Sense (2 years ago)
I prefer the GoPro mounted to your forehead better. That combined with a lapel mic and you could make a very appealing vlog. Just saying. Still enjoyed it though. 👍
Thanks +Nicholls & Sense! Excited about a new series of videos that will be released over the coming days/weeks relating to a grapple that we recently picked up for the tractor. Hope you enjoy!
Nicholls & Sense (2 years ago)
+Big House in the Little Woods thanks for sharing. I wasn't trying to be overly critical. I just like what you have going on.
+Nicholls & Sense thanks for watching! Agreed, I like the camera mounted elsewhere to get a better view. Was tempted to figure out a way to raise the trees back up just to reshoot the video footage for a better angle. Also, have tried different ways to get better sound and nothing seems to work other than shutting off the equipment and pausing each time. Will have to be content with the background music and titles at the bottom for now. Thanks again for the comment!

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