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Job Hazard Analysis

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Job hazard analysis is a critical tool for identifying hazards and managing risks before the work begins. The task leader is responsible for conducting the JHA, and for ensuring that all aspects of the job have been thoroughly evaluated before the work begins. If he needs help, he can seek the advice of other vessel officers, shore staff or third-party specialists before completing the JHA document. It is his job to ensure that no work begins until all hazards associated with the job have been identified, and safeguards have been applied to all of the associated risks. Those safeguards may range from physical actions like locking out a breaker to procedural measures including the use of appropriate PPE, monitoring the work and ensuring that the work team has been properly trained. This clip is from John Sabella's instructional program The Program of Shipboard Safety: https://www.johnsabella.com/category_listing.lasso?category=1160
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