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Dayz's Apollo program [How to fly in dayz BETA] [WORKING]

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If you Enjoyed please consider liking and or subscribing. Thank you. Currently little physics for objects in the world, allowing you to juggle items and fly. This glitch/method works with most items however i find it works best with tires. music : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=feA64wXhbjo
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Text Comments (32)
Krimineller Busfahrer (2 months ago)
Still works?
RavPlays (2 months ago)
@Krimineller Busfahrer Thats weird, I found that using planks works the best though, maybe try that instead unless it was hotfixxed.
Krimineller Busfahrer (2 months ago)
@RavPlays no, PC
RavPlays (2 months ago)
Are you on xbox?
Krimineller Busfahrer (2 months ago)
@RavPlays because it doesnt work for me somehow
RavPlays (2 months ago)
Brandon Stamp (5 months ago)
That song made me have to youtube vageeta's bingo birthday dance xD
Wyvirn (5 months ago)
This is hilarious thank you for this
Ninfede77 (6 months ago)
But how you come down now????
RavPlays (6 months ago)
You dont.
Deniss Morguns (6 months ago)
Hacking but still funny
fuck boyy (23 days ago)
Stupid comment
FLO Games (6 months ago)
Lol subbed
Rick Bailey (6 months ago)
dayz is shit
UncleZeus (6 months ago)
This is great lmao
Amperu (7 months ago)
haha i'm not even surprised anymore i've been playing DayZ since early mod days and i've seen some weird shit since, well this will get automatically fixed when they add physics in the game but damn you can see whole tisy base, easy kills or you can troll people just by shotting around them
RavPlays (7 months ago)
Yea it will be fixxed once they adding throwing, cuz objects need to be able to fall for that. but thats coming post 1.0 so this glitch should be around for the rest of the year atleast
PhishyBongwaters (7 months ago)
haha that's great. I love that you actually got the helmet to do this. FYI, if you sprint directly at the passenger side of a 4x4 and keep running right into it, it'll shoot you about 20 feet in the air and over the car. You take a bit of fall damage but you survive just fine, not even limping. Found this by mistake the other night.
PhishyBongwaters (7 months ago)
​@RavPlays https://youtu.be/gqAmdzhBTv8
PhishyBongwaters (7 months ago)
@RavPlays alright sir, challenge accepted, I'll try to cut that this weekend if the harddrive cooperates ;)
RavPlays (7 months ago)
@PhishyBongwaters Do it i want to see :)
PhishyBongwaters (7 months ago)
@RavPlays I'd label my video "DayZ's Gemini program" if I ever edit it lol
RavPlays (7 months ago)
Dayz's cannon program?
bill nipp (7 months ago)
Gee, and I thought this video was going to be stupid....
StillAlive (7 months ago)
aka "How to Boost inside other players bases"
Daniel Lifestyle (6 months ago)
u can jump threw every base wall..
Amperu (6 months ago)
That would be great in private servers in public ones you can just server hop
PhishyBongwaters (7 months ago)
@RavPlays confirmed. takes a few minutes to destroy several hours worth of base building. Much faster to just use one of the random tools all over the place and dismantle the thing.
RavPlays (7 months ago)
Thought about that, but its so easy to raid it probably takes longer to do the boost
N4ttl (7 months ago)
You most probably did this on a 120 player server. No wonder you get this game experience! You were testing the first iteration of the choppers that was not meant for players at this early stage. Anyhow the devs did a good job with this game!
Kuba Hołownia (7 months ago)
Cyka bliat
RavPlays (7 months ago)
originally tested it on an 80/80 server but recorded this on offline mode, so it was just me on the server

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