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WOOCOMMERCE: How to Setup Shipping Charges in Woocommerce 2017

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Set Up Shipping in WooCommerce for Wordpress. Woocommerce is a great eCommerce platform but setting up shipping in Woocommerce can be confusing. In this video, I'll guide you through the basis of setting up multiple flat rate shipping fees along with a simple 'fall back' rate for products without a shipping class applied. Follow me as I guide you step by step through the entire process of Setting Up Shipping in Woocommerce for Wordpress and demonstrate it working. Free tutorials for Wordpress, Slider Revolution and Visual Composer. New tutorials added every Wednesday. Take your Wordpress website and skills to the next level! AFFILIATE DOWNLOADS If you like what we do and would like to support us, please consider using these affiliate links when purchasing any of the plugins covered in our tutorials. Thank you for your support. SLIDER REVOLUTION 5 - https://codecanyon.net/item/slider-revolution-responsive-wordpress-plugin/2751380?ref=Psmeg VISUAL COMPOSER: https://codecanyon.net/item/visual-composer-page-builder-for-wordpress/242431?ref=Psmeg IMPREZA THEME: https://themeforest.net/item/impreza-retina-responsive-wordpress-theme/6434280?ref=Psmeg SUBSCRIBE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiTDv6q1XYwZnAm2EYN8wKw LETS CONNECT: https://twitter.com/WPTutz SUPPORT: Our website offers additional information and perks. Please check it out! http://wptuts.co.uk -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Speed Up Your Wordpress Website in 30 Seconds or Less!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pLbCFHzWyE -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Text Comments (139)
peter smith (20 hours ago)
Hi there, thanks for this video, great help, i have a few questions, do you have and email or messaging that i could contact you on??
Mike Tomczyk (7 days ago)
Thanks man!! I spent about 3 hours this week between doing everything else, trying to figure out how to add various shipping prices. I had the site setup by a developer with free shipping for everything, but had to go back in and add specific pricing to each. Your explanation helped immediately, and I'm getting it all changed around now. Thanks for taking your time to make this video!!
WPTuts (7 days ago)
My pleasure Mike, glad to hear it helped get your head around the whole shipping setup in Woocommerce. Good luck with the new site 😀
W E (30 days ago)
I'm currently using WooCommerce to create a site and I drop ship some of my products and also sell directly from the warehouse. Is there a way of setting up delivery rates for products that need to be drop shipped and then have products that only qualify for Next Day Delivery, Standard Delivery and Free delivery?
W E (30 days ago)
Thanks for the video, very useful!
RamboRuizdotCom (1 month ago)
Thank you thank you!!! This is by far the most useful tutorial on this topic.
Don Corleone (1 month ago)
Hi, is there a way of seeting up free plus shipping in woocommerce?
Paradox Levi (1 month ago)
Thanks very useful!!
MicheLee Puppets (1 month ago)
Loved this video. easy to follow. covered everything that I needed
UKBeauty Lasers (1 month ago)
Excellent Video, been giving free shipping away for years, as I could not work out how to set this up! thanks
WPTuts (1 month ago)
Good to hear the video helped. 🙂
randi lockie (2 months ago)
Thank you for this video! I actually understood it and put it into action. I read some of the comments below and will check out your video on advanced shipping.
SWC Products (2 months ago)
all i see in my list is continents no countries. any idea?
Saad Habib (2 months ago)
I have 4 different shipping services for every product. Each services contains different cost and different expected delivery time. I wants a layout in which client can choose the shipping services out of that 4 services. How can i do that?
doc hoc (2 months ago)
Hi, interesting video, How can I set a limit, for example, the whole shipment will be for free bigger than 100 € ? Problem : I used the video to build shippment classes, which are working fine and are shown on the order page! However when hitting the "order" butten, the shipment cost is NOT added to the purchased goods. Any idea what could be wrong ? Why are the shipment cost not added to the order ? Thanks for you help!
Dee Rose (2 months ago)
i loved this video extremely helpful.. thank you
Sophie Berg (2 months ago)
Amazing thank you so much!
Elson Castro (2 months ago)
In case the customer orders more than 1 item, how do we calculate the shipping for each extra item for the UK and for another part of Europe? eg. 1 item = £3.95, 2 items = £4.95 3 items = £5.95 and so on...
WPTuts (2 months ago)
You'll need to start doing some math's to create a more complex shipping calculation. Take a look at the second video I did covering advanced shipping charges to get an understanding of how to do it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqJl_Ti_xaw
adrian nicholson (3 months ago)
i have a woocommerce shop with multiple postage costs ranging from £1.00 to £4.00 what i would like to do if possible is the following say if a customer purchased 6 items they would be charged for the highest shipping fee of all the items and then 50p for every other item in the cart
Debbie George (3 months ago)
I'm new to eCommerce in general. I need to know how to set up free shipping for an Under amount and then charge a flat rate for anything over $50.00 is this possible?
Adrian Nicholson (3 months ago)
great video one thing i never see covered is if you have 20 items in shop and they all have different postage rates what i would like to do is set up so that if you bought 4 items with different shipping costs the highest shipping would be the main cost then say 50p extra per item after that any ideas
Debs Shipley (3 months ago)
Could you do a video for using the plugin woocommerce weight based postage please? Pretty please. I cannot for the life of me get it to work.
cheesus505 (3 months ago)
Thank you mate! Perfect video!
Nasimul Nadim (4 months ago)
Thank you!
chris anders (4 months ago)
mine still gives the option to select the free option and i want to charge a base shipping fee for some things and not others
Brent Zupp (4 months ago)
An excellent introduction to basic shipping set up in Woocommerce. Thank you!
Chirag Joshi (5 months ago)
It is very very useful. Thank you very much for posting.
manamedia (5 months ago)
Finally!! A clear explanation that actually works!! Thank you so much
WPTuts (5 months ago)
No problem at all, glad it helped out 🙂
Prabhmeet singh (5 months ago)
In variable product shipping don't show how to resolve this?
Prabhmeet singh (5 months ago)
WPTuts yes i applied shipping charges in classes and when i add shipping class in product after i update my product when i put address in checkout page no shipping fee showing in simple product shipping fee showing but not in variable product
WPTuts (5 months ago)
Are you applying the shipping charges to your variations?
Ladislas Chachignot (5 months ago)
Thanks for the video and tutorial, I was stuck with a problem of shipping cost more expensive than what I wanted it to be because I had entered a number in the "cost" line at the top. Problem solved thanks !
Wade Harman (6 months ago)
Great video...what happens when you set this up and the customer adds 3 items to the basket? they will be charged 3 different shipping prices? How do you set that without giving up all your money to shipping? For instance if it costs me $6.70 to ship 1 item and I have that listed, and the customer orders 3, the choices I have are to either #1 - charge the customer all 3 shipping prices (which keeps me from losing profit) or #2 - default to the most expensive shipping charge (which I won't create because this specific product is usually only $6.70 for shipping), meaning I have to eat the other $13 and change in shipping. Is there a way around that where we can total up weight or something and have that value as the shipping?
Iris Mishly (6 months ago)
Can a BULK shipping be made to any number of products at once? I have 100 products to update shipping! :(
Iris Mishly (6 months ago)
I got it! :) When marking all items in one page, editing and saving, it saves the shipping for all the items on the same page.
nnn u (6 months ago)
Is auto blogging wordpress through RSS effects SEO badly Please answer
Parminder Bhatti (6 months ago)
this has been aa great help for me starting out new. Thanks for simplyfying it and only addressing the out of the box functionality.
WPTuts (6 months ago)
My pleasure 👍
Nebi yolaçan (7 months ago)
hello!! thank you for clear and very useful video. however I have other settings that I couldnt figure out. I want to do shipment charges; for example; total order below 100 usd shipping charge 10 usd and total order above 100 usd shipping charge free. how can I set up this formula?
Nebi yolaçan (7 months ago)
Hello!! thank you for your help. I already set up the items as the video. there are items less than 100 usd will charge 10 usd shipment cost. however if there is order several of those items and will cost more than 100 usd then the 10 usd shipping cost still appears. how can I avoid that I still couldnt find out.
WPTuts (7 months ago)
Nebi yolaçan have a look here for ways to create more advanced shipping https://youtu.be/vqJl_Ti_xaw 👍
Your Guitar Success (8 months ago)
Great stuff dude, easily followed. Cheers
Dan Jones (8 months ago)
Thank you! I was really struggling to sort this out and your film has helped hugely.
Dan Jones (8 months ago)
I'm going to have a go at setting international shipping now. I think I can manage with one 'rest of the world' option. I'm unsure if this exists. Is there another video to help with that?
WPTuts (8 months ago)
Glad to be of help :)
Emma B (8 months ago)
This was so helpful- thank you very much.
WPTuts (8 months ago)
My pleasure; glad you found it useful :0)
Sooz3112 (9 months ago)
Very helpful - thank you. I just have a question.... Could you advise what's the best way to incorporate a variety of weighted shipping options on my website please? I'd like an option for orders weighing below 2kg (to be sent via 2nd Class post), an option for orders weighing below 2kg (to be sent via 1st Class post) and finally an option for all orders that are over 2kg to be sent via a Courier. I have downloaded a weighted shipping plug-in....but not sure the best way to tackle this....Thanks in advance.x
Arber Dollanga (9 months ago)
I need help , how ta make a rule like " if you order 10+ product = free shiping"
Spiritual Awakening (9 months ago)
Woocommerce is SHIT!!
Abdulhafez Yahya (9 months ago)
Than you soo much.. your tutorial help me a lot!
pelle makarna (9 months ago)
My shipping fee did not show on cart or checkoutpage, why?
Commerce One (10 months ago)
Any body have tried DropShipr.com before?
Digital Buy (10 months ago)
How to add more than one shipping option for some products and for others not?
yossi ben david (10 months ago)
very informative! :)
karen smith (10 months ago)
Thank you, really clear and informative tutorial, helped me iron out a couple of problems I was having with my shipping settings.
Stacy Rose (10 months ago)
I have USPS services set up, but I want to offer a flat rate to International customers who only purchase flat paper 2 dimensional items. I set up the shipping class "Paper". However, if there is a 2D item in the cart AND a 3D item I want it to go to the USPS calculated rate for a package. Right now, it keeps the flat rate option up even if there are items in the cart not in the Paper class. How can I fix this?
Wass Barrage (11 months ago)
I have set up with Canada Post Expedited Parcel Service. How do I put that into the shipping method. I am using boxes so the prices they are changing is per boxes I have set up. How do I do this into the system?
Thank you so much!
Thunderbird88 (1 year ago)
I thought I needed to install a shipping plug in first. Will this work without installing a plug in?
Hey! I have some products that ship via large semi truck and other products I can ship via Fedex. I need three options of shipping with the Large products and only 1 option with the smaller... My problem is however all 4 shipping options appear on each product so the customer when ordering the large product always chooses the "Smaller $20" shipping option not the correct "Large $300-$450" shipping option. Not sure if this will help me.
Sohan Ahammad (1 year ago)
Nice video.. it's very helpful... thank you...
AlphaTV (1 year ago)
hi there thanks for the grt video...i have set 2 shipping options - FREE and fixed cost....i selected the option of hiding the cost on the checkout page....but it still shows a flat rate even before the address is entered....any thoughts on how to fix this???thanks....
Amir Ahmadi (1 year ago)
Great video THX
taz tam (1 year ago)
Right now I only sell products from Printful. I contacted the support staff at Printful and they said that this plugin only works if you only have Printful products on your website. I want to sell other products that I will be shipping myself. What can I do to set it up without screwing up my integration with Printful?
Marcus (1 year ago)
Hi, is there a way to add 2 shipping classes to 1 product? i.e 1 product that can be purchased by home market customers and also international customers. Thank you
Simone Lawrie (1 month ago)
hi did you work out how to do this I need this as well
GD GD (1 year ago)
can I edit flat rate shipping to all my products in bulk, instead of one by one.Thanks
WPTuts (1 year ago)
Definitely, you can select as many products as you want from the products list page, select Edit from the Bulk Action menu and then click Apply. There you can change loads of parameters for your products and hit Update once done to apply the changes to multiple products at once.
Jesus Sifuentes (1 year ago)
has anyone has this issue with woocommerce? No rate requests have yet been made for this service?
Maree Lewis (1 year ago)
Love this as i did it and the next problem how i do i offer free postage if they spend so much? Thank you for your time. Love your videos though as you explain things so well.
Samuel__Clifton (1 year ago)
Thank you! This helped me fix my shipping issues.
WPTuts (1 year ago)
Great to hear :0)
Wordpress & SEO (1 year ago)
how to set shipping method free shipping after shoping of 5000rs and in less shipping set charges?
Gumba 213 (1 year ago)
What are some of these 3rd party add-on or plugins I can use? As a vendor adding new products I don't have an option for 'shipping class' so I am unsure how to use woo product vendors so that it functions properly and the seller can choose a drop down option with class options. Thanks
Thailand Amulets (1 year ago)
if someone orders 3700 tshirts in one basket.. the flat rates will send you bankrupt- Shipping system needs price per weight calculator, to calculate the order in the basket by total weight of all items. and no shipping classes needed! just calculate the cost of the parcel instead of individual items. how foolish to calculate individual items.. people put more than one thing in the basket.. thats a system for dumm and dummerer And you can't delete flat rates, as if you do the other shipping methods disappear from the checkout too, including the table rates plugin methods
The Webmaster (1 year ago)
individual product shipping programming is insane, and unnecessary. all we need is a weight and price per gram or kg calculator at checkout. Why on earth the individual products need shipping prices and methods programming is beyond me! just calculate the final weight of the order at the end.. stuuuuupid
The Webmaster (1 year ago)
its insane the shipping in woo commerce.. my ecwid store has staggered prices such as 'orders which add up to 350 grams max will charge 0.03 dollars a gram and then i can say 'if over 350 grams to 5 kg' then charge 0.02 dollars per gram (r whatever rate i wish) it doesnt need a shipping method and pricing adding to each individual product at all. just add weight to products, and let the software calculate shipping from total weight of order when they go to checkout
The Webmaster (1 year ago)
To be honest after using Ecwid.Com's shipping table rates, which took me five minutes to set up, i have been messing for two days and nights with the woo commerce shipping prices system, and its spaghetti junction. i can not get it to do anything logical at all, and thats with a table rate shipping plugin installed to help if i remove flat rates no shipping method appears despite having weight based shipping rates.. it wont add up a load of things in the basket as a single total weight based on so many fractions of a cent/dollar per gram/kg Whatever i do, you have to count individual shipping costs on each item in the basket.. Woo-Commerce shipping plugins and the basic generic functions are a total mess.. needs seriously simplifying. Otherwise Woo Commerce is great. But the shipping programming is insanely difficult, and whatever you do, there is always something that doesnt add up as i want it to crap
Linnaia Crist (1 year ago)
Best video I have found, yet the flat rate shipping still won't show up for me despite following all instructions to a T. I am really starting to dislike woo commerce...*sigh*
Adele Powell (1 year ago)
Thank you saved my sanity
Mary Queen (1 year ago)
melanie mediate (1 year ago)
Great video thank you!
I've created the shipping zones and set up the flat rate shipping, but for some reason, whenever I select a product and a shipping method, nothing extra is added to the cost for shipping, no idea why. What do I need to check? Thanks
DIYENT (1 year ago)
Thank you so much!!!
WPTuts (1 year ago)
DIYENT no worries at all 👍
Susan Fernando (1 year ago)
Hello, great info! I've just tried this and followed every step. I then applied the small ppostage option to my products in 'quick edit' and it didnt work. It added the heading 'Flat Rate Postage" as a shipping option, but there was no value attached to it (therefore essentially allowing free shipping). I tried changing the values in the the cost section so it had a basic fee to fall back on, but still it didnt help and there was no value added at the end for the cart. What am I doing wrong? Doe it make any difference that I have products with variable attributes linked to them? I also have other shipping zones set up for international post. Your help would be appreciated.
le killer2000yt (1 year ago)
Hi ! Great video men ! I have a question : I have an e-commerce website and want to make options for delivery ( local business ) I mean when the customer checkout he can choose: 1 - normal delivery 2-5 days for 3$ 2- fast delivery same day for 5$ And if the ordrer is more then 65$ automatically free delivery and fast Can we make it in woocomerce ? I got shopkeeper theme If yes , can you explaine me how ? Thanks you!
Whimsy and Wood-DIY (1 year ago)
I am having an issue with local pick up. In California I charge my local rate for local pick up. If my client has the item shipped, Woocommerce is adding the tax rate. If they choose local pickup, it is not adding any taxes.
Bernard Kida (1 year ago)
I wish you would have expanded on the different places to ship. I'm trying to figure that part out i.e. international shipping
Siliana Chiliachka (1 year ago)
Bernard Kida I am also wanting to know about the international shipping options
KicksByEsco (1 year ago)
How do I get "Local Pick Up" to show as a shipping option for customers on the checkout page?
Angela Franklin (1 year ago)
Hello and thanks for your video, very helpful. I am hoping you can help me with a situation I can't seem to fix. I have done my flat rate shipping setting and they are as follows. My shipping requirements are quantities, so what I have is the following. ( 1) up to 4 products purchased shipping is £3.40 (2) 5 products or more shipping is £6.80 (3 ) no shipping class cost £6.80. So my question is , how do I apply my shipping rates by quantity. I really hope you can help. Looking forward in hearing from you. Thanking you for your time, much appreciated, regards Angela.
Sahil Doshi (1 year ago)
Great video! One small issue. I am setting up taxation on my shipping as well. I need a standard 10% tax on the shipping that I provide. So, for example, a customer gets charged 40Rs. as shipping, then with tax of 10% it becomes Rs.44. I am just not able to do this. I have tried various methods. I am using the Weight based shipping plugin for my shipping. Please help
KatMatt (1 year ago)
Brilliant video! thanks so much
Priyagold7 (1 year ago)
SUPER helpful! Thank you so much!
barbaydian261 (1 year ago)
I have done everything you did here and I still cant get the shipping to apply. your walk through was amazingly detailed and I followed... what else can I do
Malee Kenworthy (7 months ago)
If you dont have SSL on your website then the shipping will not work because your server is not encrypted to accept credit cards and other forms of payment so Woocommerce will not allow you to fully set up shipping methods
Linnaia Crist (1 year ago)
Josi (1 year ago)
Ho can I setup Free plus Shipping for one product and the others products would be free shipping? Thanks
Ravi Kumar R (1 year ago)
Thank you for that video. Nicely explained.
H B (1 year ago)
hi how can we fix different shipping fee according to size or volymn?
Mark Beecher (1 year ago)
great video !! the only problem in coming across is: Flat rate i made a "small shipping" charge is 8$ (it is a t-shirt) and if they add 1 shirt or 12 shirts its still 8$ , how would i fix that ?
marty james (1 month ago)
+WPTuts Hi - can you show me link to this video (that covers advanced flat rate shipping ) please
MyGirlsHair (1 year ago)
He covers this in the video at 8:07 . instead of choosing shipping class per order, choose shipping class individually.
WPTuts (1 year ago)
I agree, the shipping options in WooCommerce really do leave a lot to e desired, but I guess the attitude is that the software is free and if you want more tools you have to pay for the extensions.
Thailand Amulets (1 year ago)
exactly,.. and if they add 4000 tshirts? youre xxxked. Dumb and Dummerrer, and even with shipping pro basic which has weights and table rates..the flat rate kills that with what you just explained. and if i delete flat rates, then the shipping pro basic options disappear and woo storefront checkout says 'no shipping method available... argghhhhh impossible to get a usable setup. im well experienced at setting jp online stores but this is insanity
WPTuts (1 year ago)
Hey Riki, the new video has been scheduled for this evening (GMT). Hit the Subscribe button and the small bell next to it to be notified as soon as it's online :0)
Fuuks8 (1 year ago)
hi, i have a problem in this, can you help me? i have a site of surfboards, there is any way of the shiping incress if the custumer choose 1, 2 ,3 boards, this is like, 1 board the shiping is 25€, 2 boards the shiping is 30€ and 3 boards is 35€.
WPTuts (1 year ago)
As John said, you can get more complex shipping options by using some equations - there's a new video coming out this week on more complex shipping calculations. ;)
John Paret (1 year ago)
Shhh don't tell anyone. Because there's paid plugins that does that. But this is how you can do it for free by using math equations. In cost put in 25€ -5€+ ( 5€ * [qty] ). What happens is that it adds 5€ for each additional board but for the first it totals to 25€. But make sure your shipping class cost is "0"
Markale Young (1 year ago)
Thanks alot man you really helped me out. Cheers mate!
Creative Two (1 year ago)
Thanks! <3
Peter Johansson (1 year ago)
"Table Rate Shipping makes it possible for you to create complex rules for shipping your products worldwide." I think I want to make it even more complex :) Let's say I have a shipping zone (one country). In this country I want to create two different shipping classes for two different kind of products. One shipping class is called "Bikes" and the other "Floppy discs". Let's say I dropship so these two products are sent from different locations. Shipping zones: USA Shipping classes: Bikes; Floppy discs Then it's time to add the table rate. In the manual here: https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/table-rate-shipping/ I can read the following: "Calculated rates per shipping class – each shipping class in your basket is totalled and offered at a final rate." What if I don't want the shipping classes totalled? If a customer orders Floppy discs and bikes in the same cart I want the cart to calculate rates per shipping class without being totalled. That is displayed separately. Also, I don't want the cart to prioritize any shipping class. I want the cart to handle all the shipping classes by themselves. Otherwise I see no point in using shipping classes. Is it possible? It seems to be possible for the Flat rate shipping alternative out of the box. But not for table rates. Hope you can explain to me before I jump in and buy the plugin. Also, what if I have another Shipping zone with zip codes. Shipping zones: USA (with all zip codes in California); USA (with all zip codes in the rest of the US) Shipping classes: Teddy bears Table rate: Based on shipping class and quantity What happens if I buy bikes, floppy discs and teddy bears in one order? Will the shipping zones work along side each other? In the cart I would like to display shipping for bikes, floppy discs and teddy bears separately. Is it possible?
Sean Carmody (1 year ago)
Saved me stressing out..Thank you Sean UK
Daniel Turner (1 year ago)
finally! have been searching for correct information on how to do this GRATITUDE for your clear & concise instructions!
John Paret (1 year ago)
Try this cost= $2 -$1.03+ ( $1.03 * [qty] ) and keep your shipping class at 0. That should add $1.03 for every additional product. It wont cap at $7.15 but if they order 5 products shipping will be $7.15.
Daniel Turner (1 year ago)
I do have a question though. If my customer buys 5 products, the small shipping fee becomes too much ($2 x 5 = $10). how do I set it up so that the flat rate shipping fee ($7.15) is charged once for the 5 items in an order instead? thanks in advance
WPTuts (1 year ago)
My pleasure; glad to have helped :0)
randombartard (1 year ago)
Hello, I'm struggling with getting multiple shipping options. I'm planning to sell medicinal blister packs and if a package is under 13 oz I'd like there to be a option for USPS first class to save my customers money. If they're order is over the 13oz I'd like to add a USPS priority shipping option but I can't seem to figure this out. Could you provide me with any help?
WPTuts (1 year ago)
Good to hear you got it all sorted :0)
randombartard (1 year ago)
nvm watched your vid. awesome explanation thank you. i was strugglign with this for an hour.
Madeline Pere (1 year ago)
This sorted out a huge mess easily thank you !
WPTuts (1 year ago)
Good to hear :0)
Hooked Fish (1 year ago)
thanks for this video bud, saved me going around in circles.
Angela Franklin (1 year ago)
Hi I really like your video which has help me a lot, so thank you. Have to got a video that shows how to set up if a client order more than one item, then the shipping charge is per item should calculate, that isn't happening for me at the moment, would very much appreciate your help. Many thank Angela
WPTuts (1 year ago)
If you want to charge per item, go to the product you want to charge shipping on (this may apply to more than one product for you) and scroll to the Woocommerce options. Click the 'Shipping' tab and in there you can check the box that says 'enable per product shipping'. I hope that helps. :0)
Moshe Shekhter (1 year ago)
+WPTuts Thanks for all the great videos. I hoped that you might have a solution for my request as none of the plugin or php codes working anymore on wc 3.X. I'm looking for a way to ship free-only to the continental US 48 states. Something as the following plugin is doing but didn't work for me since wc latest updates. https://wordpress.org/plugins/woo-only-ship-free-to-continental-us/
Devin Riggins (1 year ago)
How would you go about changing the price based on quantity? For example: you're selling the same sweatshirt, for a unit order of 1, the price would be $5. However, if someone ordered 2, the price would be $7.25, rather than $10.
WPTuts (1 year ago)
You could set a flat rate shipping fee ($5) and then set the item shipping charge to be $2.25 per item and set the calculation type to be per item instead of per order, as shown towards the end of this video. However, the stock shipping tools in WC are pretty limited. If you want more control, you'll need to invest in something a little more feature packed I'm afraid.

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