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Pushing White Powder with our John Deere 3038E - LOVE THIS THING!!!

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This converted truck plow works great on our tractor.
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BigJim57 (5 months ago)
ha! i think u like plowing so much u was hunting for new places to plow snow. ha! that sure is a sweet set up there. i'm looking forward to brush hogging videos-lol can't wait-maybe i'll go back and watch that one for the fourth time. :-)
Okay, so maybe I was having a little to much fun plowing and looking for new places to push snow but can you blame me?  Actually we had a wood delivery to make later that evening and it had been a few weeks since we had the truck out so I need to plow a path to get it our of the shed and of course the trailer near the wood pile was buried in snow so I need a path back to that.  FUN STUFF!!!  But I will be glad to get back to working with other attachments although I am not looking forward to fighting with the mosquitoes while I operate the tractor.
Re Silc (5 months ago)
How did you hook this up to the front loader? details?
Hey +Re Silc!  We picked this unit up from the dealership that we purchased the tractor from.  My understanding is that they welded the appropriate brackets onto the frame of the plow so that our John Deere front end loader arms would connect perfectly.  If I get a chance here in the near future, I will shoot a more detailed video of what it looks like.  Let me know if there is anything specific you would like to get a better view or picture of so that I can get you the best details.  Thanks!
gv67011 (5 months ago)
I think my 1025 is more refined than the 2 series. it does anything I need it to do
Thanks for watching and the comment +gv67011!  I have been very impressed with our 3 series while my dad has a 2 series and both have performed very well.  There are times that I wish I had a 1025 or something similar for some of the smaller projects around the house but overall the compact tractors from John Deere (no matter what the series) are a blast to operate and have plenty of power to make quick work of any project.
Giovanni Soligo (5 months ago)
Nice video
Thanks for watching and the comment +Giovanni Soligo!

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