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How to use table-based pricing in WooCommerce with Uni CPO

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The video tutorial about using table-based pricing in WooCommerce with the help of Uni CPO and its NOV matrices functionality. It is the third part of video tutorials dedicated to learning using non-option variables (NOVs). This video also shows what is formula conditional logic and how to use it. This is the third episode in the series of video tutorials about non-option variables in Uni CPO. Please, check also: - the first episode: https://youtu.be/Ui1PRBoNtn8 - the second episode: https://youtu.be/XTwYar5kVeU - the fourth episode: https://youtu.be/XYHu40mE54E Foamex banner product demo: https://cpo.builderius.io/product/foamex-printing-foam-board-printing-printed-foamex-signs/ Pizza product demo: https://cpo.builderius.io/product/pizza/ Car insurance product demo: https://cpo.builderius.io/product/car-insurance/ Sports equipment product demo: https://cpo.builderius.io/product/watson-pro-dumbbells/ Download Uni CPO free: https://wordpress.org/plugins/uni-woo-custom-product-options Buy Uni CPO pro: https://builderius.io/cpo
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Text Comments (5)
Manoranjan Pati (8 months ago)
hello can u help me
Manoranjan Pati (8 months ago)
@Vitaliy Kiyko please help me as soon as possible
Manoranjan Pati (8 months ago)
@Vitalii Kiiko [email protected]
Vitalii Kiiko (8 months ago)
Hey! If you need support just write us on email ;)
Manoranjan Pati (8 months ago)
actually i want to add formula like, width 0-10 and height 0-20 =$10 or width 11-20 and height 21-50 =$25 how to do that ?

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