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Stock Market for Beginners | जानिए शेयर मार्केट का A to Z | Hindi

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This share market video explains basics of equity market for beginners, how it works and how to invest in it. It also explains trading and investing. To learn more about stock market, finance and business, visit our website: https://www.finnovationz.com Click here to watch our best video on basics of stock market: https://youtu.be/zxKURXHy6es Click here to subscribe our best fundamental analysis course: http://bit.ly/fundamentaledu To open a demat account, compare stock brokerage firms here: https://www.finnovationz.com Picture Credits: Graphics: https://www.freepik.com You can follow us on: Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/finnovationzindia/ Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/FinnovationZ/ Linkedin : https://in.linkedin.com/company/finnovationz.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/finnovationz555/ Telegram Group: https://t.me/finnovationz #stockmarket #stockmarketbasics #sharemarket
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Text Comments (1985)
FinnovationZ.com (26 days ago)
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A K (3 days ago)
company ke growth se share ka value kese badh jate h or iska price kon decide krta h
AVK EXPRESS (4 days ago)
is there any guarantee that shares will be sold if no investor would want to buy them?
Automobili (3 days ago)
Shares price will go down then
Ankit Sharma (5 days ago)
Those who want to invest in Stock Market can Contact on this no. 7425853945
Roma Bhattacharya (10 days ago)
Minimum kitne rupee's se start ker sakte hain ... Aise investment or kon share broker thik hote hain with lowest charges
Supriya Gangawane (10 days ago)
Good hay sir apne bhot achha sikhaya
Saniya Kale (11 days ago)
Very well explained! A thumbs up for your page👍
ARUN KUMAR Maurya (11 days ago)
Very nice explaination sir thank you.
sandeep kumar (12 days ago)
Khoda pahad nikla chuha vo bhi mra,,, itna to ek anpad bhi janta hai,,, new kya Hai bhai,,,, time waste krwaya bs
supriya ghanawat (13 days ago)
Very well explained..👌
inderjeet singh BRAR (14 days ago)
Very well explained in easy language. Please make a video on stock analysis as well. Thank you
Hazrat Khan (16 days ago)
Thank you so much
Lakshmi Agarhari (19 days ago)
Sir mera bhut loss hua h market m hm kya kre
Rakesh Salunkhe (19 days ago)
Thanx sir very good information
Amit Gupta (20 days ago)
What's your name
sanmit Shetye (20 days ago)
Well explained....👍😊
Md vasim Md salim (22 days ago)
1 capani pane sar kitna bar bahi hr
Imran K (22 days ago)
Pls tell any Best demat account
Mrunmayi Bhor (22 days ago)
Nicely explained...thank you for sharing with us sir!
9406528043 (22 days ago)
9406528043 (22 days ago)
9406528043 (22 days ago)
Vishvajeet Sinh (23 days ago)
very good man
TECHNO SMART (24 days ago)
very nice 👌 👌👍 👍👌 👌
Sharath Sunil (26 days ago)
Good Info, Keep It Up Brother.
Deepu Pokhariya (26 days ago)
thank you
Rohan Bhukne (26 days ago)
Analysis kaise kare? This was really the best video ever over stock market 👍
Kanwar Sunil (28 days ago)
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Dishi Vyass (29 days ago)
Thankyouuu thankuuuu so much,it helped me a lot, Thankyou ❤️
Mahesh Jagatap (1 month ago)
thank u sir
yemdz zameer (1 month ago)
Nse aur bse ka samjna mere liye itna mushkil tha. Apne toh itna asaan kardiya mere liye samjne me. Bhot skhukriya apka.
Mohammed Sadeed (1 month ago)
A Very informative video 👍
Mehul Tyagi (1 month ago)
bhut achi vdo sir.... Beneficial or useful vdo. Thnk a lot channel..
Akshay Jain (1 month ago)
Kya Capital Market(s) or Economy me direct relation he???
kavi (1 month ago)
Nice video. Very helpful and informative.
Vishal Tiwari (1 month ago)
Great work bro...
Umesh Janawade (1 month ago)
Tabish Ashraf (1 month ago)
ApnA demat account kis broker ke sath kam paise me kholna Sahi hoga pls reply sir
Sheik Abdul Kaleem (1 month ago)
Thank u
Shashikant Sarate (1 month ago)
If whole company is transfer to another hand that time what is the role of shareholders
Percy Pesuna (1 month ago)
nice and informative.... thanks for sharing... really helpful... nicely narrated step by step...
Sunita Prajapati (1 month ago)
kya aam log bhi sheyer kharid sakta hai
pinkesh makhodiya (1 month ago)
Sir buyback par vedio banaye
prakash kumar (1 month ago)
nifty 0.16% डाउन पर "[11700.10]" यह क्या है
Sandeep Bhujbal (1 month ago)
Sir thanks for information . Sir I am bignner please bar chat ke bare me videos share kejiye.
Hlw sir mujhe stock market company m join krna h as a advisior to plz sir main question for interview plz rply me
murli bana (1 month ago)
plz contact 9610242409
Rameshwar lal Sharma (1 month ago)
What difference between stock market and share market
Unity Gyan (1 month ago)
Sir apki video bahut achi hoti hai Liked video
Tanushree Verma (1 month ago)
Ultimate video on share market for beginners thanks a lot
Pankaj A (1 month ago)
When are we supposed to sell the shares if we want to make profit?
Akash Dhamode (1 month ago)
Profit kya sirf exchange hai
rajesh jadhav (2 months ago)
share bechane se honewala munafa aur share ki lagaai huii keemat ke paise hum jab chahe demat account se withdrawal kar sakte hain ya nahii.... Sir..
Yogesh sain (2 months ago)
Sir IMF ke bare mai video bnao...
Yogesh sain (2 months ago)
Nice sir video sir ....बहुत दिनों बाद वीडियो बनाई आप ने ।
Ramkrushna Ratolikar (2 months ago)
sheir kharidne waloko faida kaise hota he
Alok Tripathi (2 months ago)
अगर मैं अपने ट्रेडिंग डिमैट एकाउंट से nifty50 में इन्वेस्ट कर रहा हूं तो क्या मैं किसी खास कंपनी में इन्वेस्ट करूँगा या nifty 50 के सभी लिस्टेड कम्पनीज के कॉमन शेयर होते है। और एक शेयर होल्ड कर के मैं उन सभी कम्पनीज में इन्वेस्ट कर रहा हूं? मैं भी एक इन्वेस्टर बनाना चाहता हु। मुझे बताये की लांग टर्म इन्वेस्टमेंट बेटर होगा मेरे जैसे new investor के लिए या फिर intra day trading? क्या मैं अपने stocks की वैल्यू और उसकी buy और sale को खुद ही मॉनिटर कर सकता हु? तब भी जब मैंने उसे लांग टर्म के लिए इन्वेस्ट किया है क्या मै चाहु तो पहले भीsale कर सकता हूँ? क्या लांग टर्म इन्वेस्टमेंट का कोई फिक्स टर्म होता है?
Ritik Sharma (2 months ago)
Honestly.. This made my day ❤
RUSHGAMING YT (2 months ago)
Beautiful video
roopbasant kumar (2 months ago)
Amazing video
Gagan Deep (2 months ago)
vishal jain (2 months ago)
Please suggest which company is better for opening demat account
suryakant tripathi (2 months ago)
Sir share ka prize next day kaise bhadte hai ghate hai
Amit kashyap (2 months ago)
Anand Kumar (2 months ago)
This is what search for..simple and informative.
Akash Pandey (2 months ago)
Best videos of stock market for beginners available on internet!
Suman Biswa (2 months ago)
Best video ever. I got all information in short time
abhishek jain (2 months ago)
Bhai Top 5 Penny Share April 2019 Ka Video Banao
Akhtar Ali (2 months ago)
Amjad Khan (2 months ago)
sir commodity market k liye video bnaiye.
RAJU KALITA (2 months ago)
Good information for us.
rana ratti (2 months ago)
Very nice video. First time on your channel...subscibed
Rajendra Singh (2 months ago)
Forex trading krna he vo contact kre...
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anvesh ch (2 months ago)
Any vedio of bank options
anvesh ch (2 months ago)
Very nice vedio
MD MERAJ MD (2 months ago)
K m 6206126610 call
explorethetheworld (2 months ago)
Really best hai boss apke videos
S (2 months ago)
Bhut hi jyada bdhiya
budgies parrots breeder (2 months ago)
Minimum kitna investment hota hai
Nilu Nilu (2 months ago)
Thank you so much
Sanjeev Singh (2 months ago)
You are the best
Sandeep Verma (2 months ago)
How to chose the purchase of share...
Mohd Ahsan (2 months ago)
aayush jaiswal (2 months ago)
Nice thnx bro
R.K vlogs (2 months ago)
I'm trying to know about stock market from Last 4 days finally I understood Tq
vijay chavan (2 months ago)
Great video for new comers
thakur_ writes (2 months ago)
Best knowledge video
Aman Jhalani (2 months ago)
Analysis ki tarah ke hote hai, kaise analyse kre.
manvender manvender (2 months ago)
Sir long time मे शेयर buy करे और उसे holding मे रखे बाद मे sell करे तो क्या चार्ज लगता है sir
Gajjar Mahendra (2 months ago)
Maja avi gai
Rakesh Rajbhar (2 months ago)
Hello sir.sach me 12minut 12secund me share bajar shikha diye. Thanks sir. Exilent video. I proud of you.
FinnovationZ.com (2 months ago)
Thank You Rakesh. For more News and Interesting feeds follow us on Facebook: FinnovationZ.com
Celebrate Life (2 months ago)
Think 1 Lac time before investing in stock market. If you are invested it means it is not your hard earned money. Any stock market required more bigginners, do not ask why?
Bhushan Malpure (2 months ago)
Nice information
Lichi Life (2 months ago)
Awesome teaching and teacher
The m style (2 months ago)
Sales 3 (2 months ago)
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Jignesh Parmar (2 months ago)
Ser kese khari de
Jignesh Parmar (2 months ago)
See kese kharide
Jhansal Wala (2 months ago)
Bde Bhai Bawligaand Admi Bhi Smjh Javga Kya Samjhaya HAI ... Salute Hai

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